Daily Archives: January 7, 2009

Diamonds and Emeralds

Or as close to them as my girls were going to be getting any time soon.

I knit a necklace from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders this summer, and it was such an easy, quick knit (and my older daughter, The RockStar, admired it so much before it got sent off to its recipient) that I knew I would knit it again: probably in black with shiny silver beads for her.

The pattern is called “Scallop-Edge Beaded Necklace”, descriptively enough, and I followed it exactly for the RockStar’s necklace, which I started & finished Christmas Eve.  I used “Bamboo” yarn (100% bamboo, DK  weight, by SWTC), and 6-0  silver-foil-lined seed beads.


She seemed to like her faux diamonds!


Now, one thing that bugged me slightly, though it could be considered a ‘design element’, is that the garter stitch used for the necklace causes the beads not to lay in the same plane.  The ‘swags’ alternate laying higher and lower.

So when I decided to knit the Gothlet a similar necklace (but with green beads at her request), I tried modifying the pattern.  This is knit side to side using short rows (the single row of beads at the lower edge are placed during casting on).  I liked the idea of garter stitch for the thinner part of the necklace, so that it would lay flat.  But I decided to change to stockinette starting two stitches before placing any bead, and ending two stitches after the last bead placement.

Y’know what?  It turned out just as I had hoped!

Here’s the artsy shot where you can’t really see anything (HEY!  I could be a photographer for certain knitting pattern books!).


but below, I think, you can see a little more of the pattern.


(hanging on O Christmas Stand).

To my surprise, I decided I liked the purl side of the stockinette better as the ‘right’ side:  it harmonized better with the garter stitch, and the subtle curve that the stockinette imparted (not too marked because I was knitting loosely for drape, and the beads weigh the curve down) looked great curving inward, to display the bead scallops.

Other mods and notes:  I slipped the lobster claw clasp on before I threaded the first bead, so as not to sew it on (I had one come off once, after being sewn on slippery yarn, though the Bamboo isn’t too slippery).  To do this, your bead count had darn tootin’ better well be right.  (For this style of beadwork, you do need to thread the beads first and slip them between stitches: no crochet hook option.  178 beads are required.  I counted them multiple times before starting; if I’d been wrong, or if a bead had broken, I would have had to cut and splice the yarn (since I was a LONG way from the end, this takes hardly any yarn at all).   I also used a jump ring and threaded in through two stitches at the other end rather than sewing it on.   I bound off more tightly than I usually do on both necklaces, to stabilize the inner edge and emphasize the inner curve of the necklace.  One important last note:  there is an erratum in the pattern, the first row is wrong.  Unfortunately, the erratum correction on the website is wrong also.  The first row should end, CO 2, after the last bead.  Confused the heck out of me the first time I knit it….

Though not quite as much of a poser as her older sister, the Gothlet professed to be quite happy too.  She certainly looks content here, though the kitten may be a part of that.


(It would look just like the RockStar’s if it were on a full-sized female, just with the beads lying flatter. The size came out the same.)

So there is a bit of my holiday knitting.  Bling for the babes!