Little Hats for Little Heads

It’s January:

and in certain circles, January is for Preemie Hats!

Two of my knitting acquaintances, who live in the Twin Cities, spearhead an annual January Preemie Hat Knitting Extravaganza to knit preemie hats.  This began as a way to ‘give back’, in appreciation for the care given to Chell’s lovely daughter some years ago when she was a tiny new one.  Here are the hats I contributed last year:


Jeanne and Chell are now, sadly, roaming the blogosphere and doing drive-by commenting rather than blogging themselves, so can’t announce the Fifth Annual January PHK Extravaganza in this venue.  But they’ve started a group (Ravelry link) on Ravelry, for those of you who are Ravelers.  (If you aren’t — why not?  she asks.)

The guidelines are simple.  Knit preemie hats out of NICU-friendly yarn! (I.e., we may love wool, but NICUs prefer soft synthetics that are gentle on extremely delicate preemie baby skin, hypoallergenic, yet easy to sterilize.)  Patterns abound on the internet, or there’s my free pattern (try casting on 60 stitches in baby/sport weight yarn), or on the Ravelry group is the original k3tog pattern (Ravelry link again).  (The Cast Sock  toe-warmer-as-preemie-hat apparently makes a great preemie hat too.)   Either send them to Jeanne and/or Chell (email me at hitherandyarn at gmail DAHT com, and I will forward them your email so they can send you the mailing address), and they will donate your hats to Children’s Hospital of St. Paul, Minnesota: or you may also donate your hats to a local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and email to let them know you did, so your hats can be added to the grand total.   Deadline is February 5th, 2009.

There are no official prizes at this point, but I have this stash, doncha know, and some baby-colored Shibui Knits sock yarn that maybe could go to a randomly selected hat knitter…. I’ll show you when I can take a photo of it ….

It’s all good!

(Well, all good except from the point of view of the poor captive felines who are forced into modeling duties.  Call the ASPCA!)

P.S. Speaking of stash yarn: the birthday prize yarn took me some time to select, and now is waiting to be mailed.  I had (and still have) a lot on my plate at work, including a surprise office move that I’m right in the middle of!  So my hope is to mail the (lovely) prize yarn out by the end of the week — after the office move!

7 responses to “Little Hats for Little Heads

  1. Preemie hat time already! Oh, the guilt!!

  2. Thanks for the mention. As in past years, this thing is spiraling quickly out of control. Hang on!

  3. Thank you SO much for getting the word out there! And there’s no guilt attached, ever. Do what you can, if you can and it’s all good. I’ll be posting some pictures on the Ravelry group tonight and hopefully I can find a shot of Peewee in the incubator. She’s so small, but she had a hat on from the very beginning and that one picture is why I do it.

    Thanks again and big thanks to everyone who can participate!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. Chris did it, too. Now to finish my scarf so I can start the preemie hats!

  5. Are fuzzy yarns okay? Most of the yarn that I have or that is available to me in my LYS either has wool/cotton/bamboo or is some kind of fun fur/chenille.

  6. Patricia Roberts

    I am looking for an infant toque,

    thank you P. Roberts

  7. We are moving to the Citrus Heights area in June from Colorado. Cant wait to get to area.

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