O Christmas Stand

Do you remember how I lamented about how unready I was for Christmas, what with all the goings-on leading up to it?

Well, on Christmas Eve, with the large artificial tree we got a couple years ago up in the attic of the garage, and even more new snow on the ground, and musical commitments at church, we made an executive decision as a family.

The music stand I had given my husband for his birthday was standing in the area where we usually put the tree.

So we decorated the music stand and put presents around it!


O Christmas Stand, O Christmas Stand, how lovely are thy….ornaments!

I must admit, it was fast to take down, and the kitten didn’t bother it TOO much!

Soon — some of the Christmas knitting.

4 responses to “O Christmas Stand

  1. :snort:

    You made me laugh out loud! I didn’t put up a real tree, either, just a little wire one with 16 ornaments. 16 branches!

  2. Oh, that is just hilarious! I love it! We are treeless in this house…our cats are just far too destructive.

  3. That’s super! My brother did that once with his guitar — and it was perfect. Clean up is a snap, too.

  4. Well, hey, it IS more or less tree shaped…!!

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