Z is for Zebrawood


More fully, Z is for Zebrawood Spindle!


I had Christmas money to spend on myself (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and chose to spend it on expanding my spindle collection from solely the bottom whorl spindles with which I spun at the recent Bethlehem re-enactment, to lighter spindles which were a different variety, top or high whorl.

This heart-stoppingly gorgeous Zebrawood spindle is a Bosworth Midi spindle, carefully and beautifully made by hand and spin-tested before being sent off to me (with a friend or two; there was also a belated birthday present in there).  What a difference well-prepared and easy-to-spin fiber, and a beautifully balanced spindle make!  It’s hard to believe I just started spinning with a spindle a little over a month ago; what I spun last night with my new spindle, looks so much better than my first attempts.


Unfortunately, someone else in my house seems to take a great interest in Zebrawood spindles also!


I think this spinning session is now over….


This concludes 2008’s ABC-Along (during the last hour of the last day, true to form!  Yes, I know it’s 2009, but there was extra time at the beginning for sign-ups, and the periods ended on Saturdays, so the ABC-Along went through today).

It’s been a lot of fun, and I think I should make a retro-collage with all the photos.

But not today.

9 responses to “Z is for Zebrawood

  1. That’s a beautiful spindle. Zebrawood is a new to me wood; I like it! And your helper is really cute, too.

  2. O hai, Spinner Gurl; u iz screwd, all rite! u uz spinner fer sher.

    Also, beautiful spindle.

    Also, dying from Teh Kewt. There’s just nothing like a little black kitteh for Teh Kewt.

  3. Beautiful spindle! I have a Bosworth spindle too – it is so pretty and I can’t use it for anything!

  4. It is a beautiful spindle and your spinning looks so nice and thin and uniform!

    What a cutie-monster!

  5. Pretty spindle! And what lovely spinning!! I was thinking of finishing up the abc along today… though I am SO behind!

  6. looks like kitty got a nice Christmas present as well as you

  7. Oh, the kitteh helper needs to *help*. Such a useful kitteh. Spindle is a work of art!

  8. Great Z post and I love your helper.

  9. What a brilliant Z! That’s a gorgeous spindle. I live in the same town as the Bosworths and don’t have one of their spindles yet… I wonder if they have any more zebrawood ones.

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