Daily Archives: January 1, 2009

Hello, 2009!

First Sunset of 2009:


The moon and Venus greet the new year as well.


Too bad the neighbor’s house was in the way:  Jupiter and, apparently, Mercury (couldn’t see that one with the naked eye) were below and to the right, close to the horizon.  I’m sure that’s astrologically significant.  Astronomically, however, planetary conjunctions mean nothing, but look cool.

Astronomical news, however, encountered while verifying that the above planet was Venus (it was so bright that I thought it should be, but it was farther away from the sun than I’m used to seeing Venus):

On Sunday morning, 1/4/09, is a major meteor shower, the Quadrantids!  Why is it not one that you hear about, like the Perseid meteor shower?  Mostly because it’s brief and unpredictable.  But if it’s clear (a real crap shoot around here lately, it was cloudy all day until an hour or two before sunset) and if you’re awake in North America in the ‘dark hour before dawn’, look to the north.  The moon is not full, and the sky is clear this time of year, both of which favor skyviewing.  (The cold, not so much, but oh, well!)

I’ve been busy working, and busy with family when not working.  But I pledge to catch up backwards with some no-longer-secret knitting, and also the last letter of the ABC-Along, which I have till Saturday to post (so look for it Saturday, wink!).

Happy New Year!