Garden in the Snow Eye Candy Friday

From earlier this week.


So far, in less than a week, we’ve had snow, rain,  above-freezing overnight temps (not usual this time of year), a sudden plunge to subzero Fahrenheit (also not typical this time of year here), another 5 inches of snow (these photos were taken then), a bit of sun (enough to lead to icicles yesterday) and now more snow overnight.  It’s still coming down thickly, so another snow day for the kids.

And it’s not even winter on the calendar yet…


4 responses to “Garden in the Snow Eye Candy Friday

  1. It has indeed been A Week Of Weather. We missed out on the above-freezing temps but got our share of the subzero ones. This weekend I will get a lesson in how to drive Smokey’s old Jeep snowplow. ::mounts a clod of snow:: As God is my witness, I shall never be snowbound again!

  2. Cate, we have had the same thing here in Oregon. We NEVER get it this bad though. It is often every few years that we get a dusting of snow in the Portland area. This year school’s have been closed all week, all over the metro area!! Weird weather. And icky-dangerous because we don’t salt.

  3. JUST getting a chance to catch up on some blog reading! It hasn’t been quite that cold here. I was telling somebody new to the state (she’s been in FLA but is from Pittsburgh… got her to talk like that today, it was pretty funny) that it really hasn’t been cold here yet… that cold around here means zero/subzero (like 20 subzero) for a week or so. She says that’s ok, she’s fine with teens. I really like those Noro scarves!

  4. Beautiful pictures! We got snow here today – so nice to stay inside and just look at it.

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