MidWeek Quick Update (or, Not Dead Yet)

1)  First (of three) Nutcracker performance tomorrow (school performance during day).

2)  RockStar also has a band concert tomorrow night.

3)  Finished the Gothlet’s Noro Striped Scarf.



She wore it today, out into the -2 degrees F (-19 C) morning.   To do morning safety patrol.  Brrrr.  It seemed to be well received, however; it got a smile.

4)  There was just about enough yarn left to make a similar hat for me.  No pictures yet.  (And I had to borrow about 5 yards of yarn from another skein of Silk Garden to complete it.)

5) Received a wonderful package which I need to photograph and tell you all about.  Thanks, Janet!!

6)  I need to send the corresponding package, which I have pretty much ready to go (I just keep thinking I should add to it, but I need to SEND it).

7)  My girls are “Twilight” obsessed.

8)  Barnes & Noble has ‘Breaking Dawn’ back ordered.  This has caused some angst in our house.  But is probably good for the homework situation.

9)  Kittens make eating breakfast extremely difficult at times.  Especially irrepressible kittens who feel that your bowl is their bowl.

10) Kittens curled up sleeping on one’s lap while blogging are both warm and extremely endearing.

¡Hasta la vista!  Could be on the other side of Nutcracker.  Hopefully earlier….

8 responses to “MidWeek Quick Update (or, Not Dead Yet)

  1. Who is performing in the Nutcracker ? Which roles ?

    ania65 from Ravelry

  2. Great scarf!

    My girls are onto multiple readings of the Twilight series. I read it all once, and thoroughly enjoyed it. They liked the movie, too, but I haven’t seen it yet… Fun!

  3. For ania, my 13-year-old daughter, the RockStar, is performing as a girl in the party scene, a rat (she’s particularly good at being ratly), and also is in the Chinese variation — her first time in a ‘grown-up’ variation, other than Mother Ginger.
    Busy girl! I’ll see her perform Saturday, though I got a preview at rehearsal last weekend.

  4. Lovely Noro scarf! The one I’m working on is almost done, and I’m thinking about what to do with the leftover yarn. The scarf is a gift for my son, but the leftovers are MINE!

    Did you block it?


  5. Yay for scarf completion! I bet M loves it.

    embarrasing admission: I’m in the middle of Breaking Dawn right now, and loving it. (the 2nd book was overly predictable, but the series overall is fun.)

  6. oh, and Target has a billion copies – do you have one nearby in LC?

  7. I love Nutcracker season. I can watch it over and over.

    Congratulations on the Chinese Variation !!!! That is exciting.

  8. Scrolling down this post and watching that Noro scarf grow wider and wider and wider was the most fun I have had all day! (See tomorrow’s post for the LEAST fun I have had all day.)

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