Photo Meme Eye Candy Friday

Vicki (Knitorious) tagged me for this photo meme, which I did with some trepidation.  Who knows what lurks in older folders?

–Go to your sixth picture folder and pick the sixth picture
–Pray you remember the details

Here’s my result.


I do remember some details about the picture above.  It was taken in May of 2006 in our front yard/garden (yarden).  The grape hyacinths way in the front were blooming fairly late, and the leafy furry leaves you can also see are Monarda (beebalm) coming up.  Yes, I had a digital camera well before that time, and my 6th folder pictures should have gone back several years earlier.  But there’s a sad story….

I put all my photos on what was then theoretically my laptop, but really was the family computer.  We finally got a desktop computer, and my husband said he could make use of the laptop at his recording studio.  So I gave it to him, but asked him to get all my photos off & burn CDs or download to a hard drive (he’s a bit more computer savvy and is home during the day — plus he’s the one who wanted the computer).  Well, he didn’t do it, didn’t get around to it; and then the computer crashed and burned and I lost all my photos.  Problem is,  in the meantime my Nikon Cool Pix was lost or stolen with its card still in (and I had deleted photos off the card, obviously, too).  So I have a couple years of lost digital photos…..

This photo was taken before I had given up hope of the Nikon showing up again (I thought it might just have been misplaced).  I borrowed my husband’s tiny digital camera when I started blogging in late April 2006 — one of those that uses AAA batteries (shudder; they go through those puppies so fast).   It isn’t a very smart camera.  But the colors of the late spring grape hyacinth were so lovely that I tried my best to capture them.

There, a breath of spring in early winter!  Seems too early to be dreaming of spring, but color is always welcome.   (At least the snow has covered up the November grays and browns now.  Even if it’s quite white.)

So:  I’m not much for tagging, usually (too much like chain letters).

But this is easy and fun.   Unfortunately,  many of my blogosphere friends and must-reads have a) already done it, b) been tagged and not done it yet, or c) profess not to do memes.  Here are a few, however, whom I would invite to give it a shot (ha! shot! get it?):

Laurie, who is apparently my twin sister separated at birth, from KnittingGarden; Lisa of Knitnzu if she has time; Deb of Wound Too Tight; another Lisa, my Rhinebeck Roommate, of purl this!, and Norma (who needs no introduction) because she was just complaining about having nothing to blog (even though she is meme-free).  ETA:  Dang, I meant from the beginning to also tag Sam of Knit Quest!  There’s 6, just like the folder, even though I wasn’t trying.

No obligation: but feel free to show and tell!

One response to “Photo Meme Eye Candy Friday

  1. I can recommend very highly to archive your photos. It cost about $30.00 per year, and you have unlimited space. Yes, I said unlimited space. I searched long and hard for someplace to put my 6000+ photos. I’m happy with smugmug.

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