Over the River and Through the Woods

…back home safely this morning.

A little snow on my car


and on the roads, but the ice was all vanquished by salt and daylight.

Home I came to the first snowmen of the season.


(Not my yard, but fun to see.)

Also home to an unshoveled sidewalk, but I’m used to that….

Home to some new Twisted yarn, too, when I finally got home from work tonight!  Hooray!  That partly makes up for the white-knuckling in the last 24 hours.  All’s well that ends safely, in any case.

Don’t forget, enter before midnight (CDT) tonight to win a skein of yarn in your favorite color, by leaving a comment on the Birthday Blog Contest post with your favorite quote, saying, song or poem.

Tomorrow: the winners!

2 responses to “Over the River and Through the Woods

  1. The frost on my car this morning looked like damask! (love the bucket headed snowman)

  2. glad you got home allright..ahhh a snowman!

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