Saturday Sky on the Way Out the Door

Not  much time to talk, I’m heading up north in a few minutes to the Twin Cities, for something of a weekend of post-birthday indulgence.  (That’s my excuse to visit with friends and family.)

I should have gotten up a touch earlier, but I usually wake up early with the dawn: problem is, even with Daylight Savings TIme, dawn is coming later and later these days.  Here’s this morning’s:


(I can really see the ‘precession’ of the sun in the sunrise: two months ago, the sun rose straight ahead of me from my back steps; now it’s way to the right,  now that we are less than a month away from the winter solstice.  Well, then the days will get longer again!)

One of these girls is coming with me this weekend to have fun.


(That would be the Gothlet on the left, with the Ravelry gear, who’s going with me, rather than the RockStar on the right who uses kittens to accessorize.)


Thanks, everyone, for the happy birthday wishes and quotations!  I love them!

There’s still plenty of time to enter the Birthday Blog Contest to win your favorite color yarn (deadline Monday night December 1st, midnight CDT).

Now to hop in the frosty car and head north!


4 responses to “Saturday Sky on the Way Out the Door

  1. Rock Star looks sooooo much like you in the photo with the kitten on her head! Not that the kitten has anything to do with the resemblance, though…

    Have a great time!

  2. That kitten is so cute. I want to accessorize with a kitten – Murphy is too big and heavy to sit on my shoulder.

    Hmm, kittens.

    Have a great time in the Twin Cities.

  3. So I did think of something! But since I already commented on the other post… Mom told me when I was little, maybe 5 or 6, that everybody drops their drawers to poop, even the president. For some reason when I think of that I think of Ronald Reagan, who was most definitely NOT president when I was 6! Anyhow, the message was that no matter how important you think you are, people are pretty much all the same. Maybe that doesn’t get at the message… it was along the lines of you shouldn’t be intimidated by people just because they are in positions of power, because people are pretty much all the same.

  4. Great visiting with you today. Reading Lisa’s comment above reminded me of something my father used to say: “They all put their pants on one leg at a time.”

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