Mid-November Eye Candy Friday

A change in the weather.


(Click to embiggen.)  County Road B, last Saturday, November 15.

8 responses to “Mid-November Eye Candy Friday

  1. Ooo, that would make a nice yarn!


  2. I confess I don’t get why I’m embiggening… But it’s a great photo. And yes, why don’t folks get our blogging and why can’t we post pictures and stories of the details (even the minutia) of our lives and those around us… I actually know what ringworm looks like, more or less, though I’m not sure how…

  3. Oh, it’s so gorgeous!

  4. What a great photo. The combination of light and dark is marvelous. I agree, it would make a great yarn. Who says there are no colors in November. I see orange and green and gold and gray and navy.

  5. Great photo. You should enter it in a contest. Is it photoshopped with the colors? WOW.

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