Kitten Report

One of those good news, bad news things.  Mostly good news.

After the initial feline meetings which consisted of unceasing growling on Kitten Beya’s part, and occasional hisses, but mostly retreating and stalking, on the big cat Citrus’ part, and after careful gradual introductions and co-feeding, a détente seems to have been reached.


Noses have been touched, and playing together has happened.  Although we still separate them when no one is home, since occasionally adrenaline seems to run high.

And the big cat sometimes gets a little weary of attention paid to kitten, and kitten antics, and kitten growling.


I think I’ll just go sit here and help this shawl block.


Great Flaming Hairballs, what IS she doing now?

So, the bad news?

For the last several nights, my husband has been complaining of his legs itching.  He has psoriasis (though it’s usually not seriously itchy) and the weather has suddenly turned cold, with accompanying dry air, so I didn’t think much of it the first night.  But the second night, or rather yesterday morning, he said his legs itched so much it was driving him crazy, and he couldn’t fall asleep, so dozed on the recliner after taking an antihistamine.  So last night I looked at his legs.

The red spots weren’t all psoriasis.


Miss Beya has two little bald patches on the backs of her legs, where she had cuts when she was found.  I just thought it was still healing.  But (though she hasn’t had her vet visit for this yet, it’s scheduled for day after tomorrow), I’ve now read that ringworm often or usually enters the skin in cuts or non-intact skin (and of course, I knew that kittens were very susceptible); in cats it shows up as little hairless spots, or causes no symptoms.   (They don’t seem to get itchy.)

When Beya and my husband were hanging out together at the studio, my husband often had his shoes and socks off; Beya loved to wind around his feet; and his psoriasis on his legs is non-intact skin, plus he puts a steroid cream on it as needed.  He was a set-up.

Good news: none of the rest of us are showing any signs.  Bad news: I bet the two cats have had just enough contact that the big cat is at risk (whereas 3 days ago, they had not had any interaction).  Good news:  Kitten has been kept in the bathroom, easy to bleach and disinfect (ringworm, despite its name, is a fungal infection).

Bad news:  my husband wouldn’t let me take a picture of ringworm legs for your edification!  (I would probably have linked a photo so’s the squeamish weren’t confronted with it, but it’s probably good to know what it looks like.  Since obviously *he* didn’t recognize it….)  He looked at me with utter disbelief when I suggested taking a picture.  Some degree of profanity occurred, even, I believe.

He just doesn’t get this blogging stuff, does he?

9 responses to “Kitten Report

  1. I love that first picture, cat and kitten. It speaks volumes.

    Sorry about DH’s legs. I would have asked to take a picture, too.

  2. Oh, no. I can’t believe he wouldn’t let you take a photo.

  3. Ringworm! Ack! Kreature (pure bred cats are not terribly resistant to ringworm, either) had flareups two summers in a row. My vet is certain we never got rid of it the first time, because it is becoming resistant to the standard drugs, so this past summer we tried something else that was VERY expensive. Finger’s crossed that it is gone now. On the up side, Citrus is probably very resistant. None of the other cats or humans in my house ever showed symptoms, although we treated the other two cats this past summer, for a shorter period of time, just to make sure one of them wasn’t harboring it and reinfecting Kreature. She, of course, has run of the house so bleaching the place wasn’t an option.

  4. Okay, here’s my imagining of how it went: “Honey, just let me take a quick picture for my blog.” “Are you *** nuts?”

    Astrid, hoping all are better soon

  5. Just got 2 new kittens as well- the younger one has ringworm but we are all okay- 6 weeks of baths and oral meds ( one week on one week off etc) are in your future! Great fun!

  6. too bad about the ringworm….

    it actually can be very tenacious in the environment — I’d recommend cleaning EVERYTHING (drapes, etc) that the kitten may’ve been close to (or hubby, for that matter).

    good news is most of the time, if you’ve had ringworm in the past, you should have immunity (this isn’t 100% though b/c there are multiple species of ringworm).

    FWIW when I was in vet school 3 out of 5 of us starting our community practice rotation caught ringworm from a kitten….who had already been discharged days prior from the hospital, who we’d never met. Yep, despite bleaching etc some of the fungus was still in the area and we caught it.

  7. Oh no! When my brother and his now-wife adopted the third of their four cats, he turned out to have ringworm, and managed to infect both of the other cats, and both of them. It was a total nightmare for them…I hope everything works out better for you!

  8. I can just picture Mike’s response to your photography suggestion. Dang, now I may *never* know what ringworm looks like.

  9. Oh no! I hope your husband gets better fast! Glad the two kitties are starting to get along though…

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