A Tale of Two LYS’s

Well, one LYS and one not-quite-so-LYS.  And their surroundings.

Last Saturday, I went to a Local Yarn Store, Salem Stitchery (used to be Country Woolgatherer).  It’s just a few miles away, but out in the country.


This was during the 20 minutes of sunshine we had late Saturday afternoon.  In fact, I was walking up to the door of the store as I took this picture, then looked over my shoulder to see the impending sunset and promptly about-faced to go shoot some more pictures, including the one I showed you Saturday.  And this one.


(This LYS is in an outbuilding on the owner’s farm.) And this photo of geese flying overhead.


And this one of a bit of a rainbow that showed up just before the sun set (the geese flew by it, but I couldn’t get them to show up in the photo).


As I was paying for my purchases later, the owner asked me if everything was okay.  She was worried that I’d lost my dog or something, since she’d seen me approach the door then take off briskly!  (I think the ‘briskly’ part was because there was a nippy wind, and because it was getting late.)   I was hoping no one had noticed my aberrant behavior….

There was a Thanksgiving/Harvest open house here last weekend, and I always want to support local yarn stores.  Not that I really needed anything.  But I bought some warm, soft chunky alpaca for my father-in-law, for a scarf; he’s just moved up from Florida and his blood is thin, he needs it ASAP; I won’t wait until Christmas to give him this.  And a couple other things for swaps and presents.  This shop has abundant needlework supplies, and also some antiques.  Look at this, in the back:


“Hostess Doily Stretcher”.

If I made doilies, I’d be tempted.  I was anyway, just because it’s cool.  But I resisted.


Just the day before, I’d been at a very different ambience of LYS.  Not Local to me, but in Rochester, Minnesota, where I was Thursday and Friday at an educational meeting.  I took a brisk walk at a break on Friday and made it a yarn break.  (Unfortunately, I got cocky and didn’t write down the address; and naturally, there’s a difference between 6th St & 2nd Ave SW versus 6th Ave & 2nd St SW!  So it was a bit longer walk and break than I had quite intended….Fortunately, however, Rochester is laid out very logically, so once I had figured out my error, I could get to where I needed to go without further delay or angst.)

Here’s Kristen’s Knits (note: location being the second selection above; the store recently moved, and the website still has the old address as of the date of this post).

The store had a great selection of yarns, I thought.  I bought some Rowan Tapestry in soothing colors for a future mini-Lady Eleanor type scarf (knitting back backwards for the purposes of entrelac in particular is on my list of things to learn to do at some point in the future).  And a little Silk Garden for a Pioneer Braid Scarf for a present.  And the Vogue Holiday magazine, and a couple patterns (such a deal!  A free pattern or magazine if you purchased more than $50!  Which is so difficult for me to be able to do, to pick out that much yarn….)


After enjoying myself all too briefly, I had to return to my meeting.  Since I had my camera, I did snap a couple photos as I went.  There is some interesting architecture around the WFMC (World Famous Mayo Clinic).  I particularly always enjoy the details of the Plummer Building.


Detail of a carving embedded in the stonework.


Even the banisters are cool.


And you should have seen the water fountains!  Ah, well, back to the meeting.

5 responses to “A Tale of Two LYS’s

  1. What on earth is the guy in the stone carving doing? It looks to me like he is driving a spike into something with his forehead, but I suspect that is wrong. That building is way cool, though.

  2. (Snort!)
    He’s looking in a microscope. A little maniacally, perhaps.

  3. learning to knit backwards (true left handed) is much easier than you’d think–and it’s fun.

    some knitter do EVERYTHING backwards (they even change hands for holding yarns.)

    me? i knit backwards combo! (just as i knit ‘combo’ frontwards)

    working out what works for you –do you change hands (from left to right/right to left for yarn hold) or do you change styles (from english to continental (or from combo, to sort of a left handed english lever!) is what take some time..

    I am still slower knitting backwards, but i was able to match gauge/tension almost immediately! (other manage to get speed immediately, but have to learn to manage tension!)

    all of this make the learning process one of try and try again (till you find the way that works for you) and then… it’s wonderful. you fingers just know what to do!

  4. Very cool. I’ve been in that building – years ago. The building I work in has similar fun features, including little cloven goat hooves at the base of some of the bannister supports.

  5. I was going to ask if he was looking into a microscope… I have taken that same posture (with my hand under the lens) when I’ve wanted to examine a wart (and then perform less than sterile minor surgery…)…..

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