O Happy Day!

It may indeed be another Grey November Saturday Sky (surprise, surprise),


with some white stuff coming out of said sky again, even.

It may even have started with an evil-omened waffle on the Gothlet’s plate.


(The Skullwaffle was not on purpose.  Really.  Not that she wouldn’t do that.)

But we got unexpected good news today!

Little Miss Beya had a goopy eye yesterday, so she had a vet appointment this morning.  Fortunately for her health, by today the eye had mostly cleared up.  But even better, since she had doubled her weight in less than two weeks, it was decided that she was big enough to do blood work on.

So she had her testing early:  and all was absolutely normal!  (If it hadn’t been, it still could’ve been inaccurate, but apparently all is well.)  She was pronounced healthy-appearing in all other ways as well.

To her surprise, therefore, she came home with us!

However, she did not approve of the current feline resident of the household (he was interested but wary for the most part; however, she went ballistic when he approached).  So she is confined to the bathroom, and we will introduce them slowly.

Everyone seems to be hanging out in the upstairs bathroom a lot more than usual right now.


Just at the moment, however, someone was a bit overtired and overstimulated, as we used to say about the kids when they were babies (“OT/OS”).


“This morning already, I’ve been put in an airborne box, taken out in the cold, been poked at with sharp things twice, had my nails trimmed, and you wouldn’t BELIEVE where they put that thermometer!  Now what is THIS place?  And who is that huge orange scary cat who is not my mother?

I need a nap! Maybe it’s all a dream….”


Well, for us it’s a dream come true, and I think Beya will think so too when she wakes up.  (Plus, she was wearing out her welcome at the studio, after the last two days in which she unwound the reel of (expensive) analog recording tape that was on the machine, and ‘helped’ my husband rewire as he was on his back, under the mixing board, with his hands full.)

Citrus, on the other hand — though I think he will accept her reasonably well — will soon find that HIS naps like this are a thing of the past for a while.


At least when BeyaPlayPlayPlayPlayPlay is around.

He may not be thinking this is such a Happy Day.  In fact, he may be looking to move out for a while until she grows up a bit and learns kitty manners….


The rest of us are ecstatic, though.

And guess what?  The sun came out at the end of the day, too! (Click to embiggen for the full effect, it was rather awesome.)


Thanks for all your good wishes!

10 responses to “O Happy Day!

  1. Beya looks a lot like our Hannibal did as a kitten. And of course Citrus looks rather like Tabby did when she was younger. What a great feline household!

  2. Congratulations, Beya, on insinuating yourself in to a *spectacular* family! Being as Citrus is a boy, they’ll probably be getting along jim-dandy in no time (we made the mistake of bringing home a girl for our girl……and you know how THAT can be, if you’ve ever worked in a mostly-girlie office). She also looks like my precious Evangeline, extension-of-my-soul, looked in infancy. WHAT a sweetie!!

  3. Welcome Beya! So sweet. Batten down the hatches!!!

  4. Yay! I’m so happy for all of you! That is one lucky little kitty. Nice to get the good news early too. They are going to look so beautiful together once they make friends. Give them both a smooch from me!

  5. What a treat to share in your cat-happiness! Thanks for a wonderful start to my day.

  6. Yea for Beya! Yea for Citrus! I bet once Beya realizes that Citrus has a tail that can be chased for hours on end they’ll be good friends.

    Great ending photo by the way.

  7. How exciting! Kiddo and I would like a cat… but dh is dead against them, too many in his mother’s house growing up and I’d concur on that one… plus at this point the dogs might not be good with one, they like to chase small things in the yard and the cats tease them from outside… so they are very anti cat (though early on it would have been fine). Love that purpley pink door!

  8. Good luck with the kittycats. I love kittens and am so glad to hear that yours is healthy and now has a new home full of willing (and unwilling) playmates.

  9. I’m so glad Beya is ok – and good luck getting the two to be friends. Now I want a kitten!

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