More Yarns of November

Yes, I know, I’m really on a November kick, aren’t I?

Perhaps it’s because it’s the natal month; perhaps it’s because it’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). Or perhaps because I’m always very aware that November marks the transition to the longest season up here — winter.

But I find it fascinating that there is yarn — more than one — with colorways named after November. Given that it’s such a brown, gloomy, dreary month, generally speaking.  I realize I’m sensitized to November, but, for example, I don’t recall seeing a number of yarns with May-themed colorways (as delightful a month as it is, much more so than November).  I suppose I just might not be paying attention.

Last year I showed you some November yarns I had found.

Here are a couple more I have discovered and collected (most of these ARE collector’s yarn; I am not planning to knit these, and if I did, it would probably be for me.  Or possibly another November baby.  Maybe.)  I showed you the Dream in Color November Muse last year, but in the Smooshy sock yarn; this year’s collector yarn is the same November colorway in Baby laceweight.


I probably will knit up the Dream in Color Baby at some point, actually.  When I find or design a pattern that seems appropriate.  And the ZenString “November” on the right is just gorgeous; I think the colors in Austin in November are a little different than up here (and maybe that’s a little blue-gray sky mixed in).

The Malabrigo on the left mystifies me a little, though.  Wouldn’t “Noviembre” in Uruguay inspire a different color palette, one would think?  That’s spring in Uruguay.  Maybe it’s early spring.

I put the yarn down in an autumnal part of the garden,


& noticed that the colors of the November garden truly were reflected in the yarn.

See?  Truth in advertising!


I guess November can be beautiful, after all.  I believe I occasionally may need an attitude adjustment!  Anytime I feel dreary this month, I should come look at my November yarns.

5 responses to “More Yarns of November

  1. I bet the Malabrigo people named the Noviembre color in order to market it in the US.

    If I were to design a November colorway it would be browns, grays, and slate blue. Maybe with touches of flame to honor the many fireplaces that are being fired up.

  2. Lovely yarns! That Malabrigo looks like the few remaining leaves on the maple tree just outside my front door.

  3. I love those colors! I am so pleased to have the worst of summer finally over with and to be moving into fall.

  4. NINE posts since I was here last, whooo eeee, guess I’ve been out of the blogreading arena this week! I really like the colors of November… all that misty subtle stuff. Maybe it’s that I really look hard for something pleasing on the landscape during the dreary months. I’d say those yarns are really more the color of October too? No snow here yet. LOVE the bathat! I was thinking, wow, where’d she find that and maybe I’ll have to make one. Then you say I brought it to your attention. Forgetful I guess… but the upside of that is that lots of stories that have been around are new even when I hear them the second time!

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