Farewell Eye Candy Friday


Okay.  I realize this may not look like Eye Candy to you.  Usually I have Eye Candy for you that looks more like this:


But what you may not realize is that the first scene above, which is what I saw last night upon leaving a downtown restaurant, is almost unprecedented for November 6th, or 7th as it now is.

Not only blooming flowers, and a freely flowing Mississippi River in the background,  but GREEN GRASS.

GREEN GRASS, people!  That’s usually a thing of the past by now.  And that’s one of the reasons that being born in November didn’t excite me as a kid; it is usually a month of brown leaves (they’ve mostly fallen and all the color is gone), brown grass, brown hills and bluffs, snow in the air but (down here in our southwest Wisconsin river valley) usually not much on the ground to cover up the brown.

So I had to take a picture, because by this weekend, I suspect the green grass will be gone.  The “S” word is in the forecast for later today.  I even heard a rumor of ‘up to an inch accumulation’.

So, farewell Green Grass and Chrysanthemums!  It’s been nice visiting with you longer than usual!


5 responses to “Farewell Eye Candy Friday

  1. It sure has been amazing!! I could get used to this.
    ; )

  2. it was 59° today when i left the house, with a projected high of 68° today..

    (of course last week there was a heavy enough frost that all the plants in planters (in manhattan) are dead.. except the geraniums.)

    It might (might not) be a sign of global warming.. but it is nice right this moment.

  3. Hasn’t it been great? I’m still using my powers of awesome to [attempt to] hold the s##w at bay. Wish me luck.

  4. I did my share to stave off the “S word” by paying for all the children’s snow gear this weekend versus putting it on layaway. (Cuz you know if I woulda laid it away, it would have snowed 6 inches the next day)

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Our warm weather will be moving out, too. We are supposed to have “normal” November weather next week. Now where did I put my coat?

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