Last Look at Rhinebeck

(I love this logo, lifted from a souvenir tote bag I brought home.)

I had a few more pictures that I had to share with you.  Since I still have my Rhinebeck virus and its companion sinus infection, I really haven’t said ‘goodbye’ yet.  Part of Rhinebeck is still with me!  (That’s not even mentioning the yarn that followed me home.)

I told you about the beautiful train ride up and back along the Hudson River, but here’s some more visuality:

Starting at Grand Central Terminal, which totally made me feel as though I was in a movie.  I didn’t mind gawking like a tourist.



(Actually, I started feeling like I was in a movie before that, when I awoke as the plane was descending into LaGuardia, and looked out the window I had been sleeping against to see the frickin’ Statue of Liberty in the morning sunshine!  I think my jaw dropped open.  I haven’t been to New York as such, just flown through it a couple times, and one of those times, I was little.  Lady Liberty was gorgeous, and fairly moving.)

Down into the hot depths of the tunnels, and onto the correct train, leaving the rooftops of New York City behind,


and on up the beautiful Hudson Valley.

hudson-river-bridge bannermans-island-castle hudson-basalt

pseudo-espalier hudson-valley-geologic-form flock-obirds-hudson-valley

(As always, click to embiggen as desired, especially if these geologic formations fascinate you the way they do me.)

The end of the Metro North line was the very cool Poughkeepsie Station, which of course was no Grand Central Terminal but was very cool.


At Rhinebeck, I showed you some of the wonderful fiber people earlier:


but there were also four-legged fiber ‘people’.  Some of them were very cute.





Camelids above (llama and alpaca) and their ovine distant relatives below.




Some of the fiber-bearers even did things:  jumped


or just watched from the audience.


There were non-fiber-bearing animals too:


I did find that kangaroos should not be photographed with a flash unless you want a photoillustration for a possessed demon ‘roo:


The incredible fall colors greeted you at every turn:




And where there weren’t fall colors, there were flowers.


The area around Rhinebeck was gorgeous too.  Below is the countryside around Red Hook; Red Hook was where the Ravelry party was, and the outskirts were where my Sock Camp friends were staying and had their chili party.



Just the drive out and back from where we stayed in Hyde Park was a gorgeous prelude and coda both days.  (Luckily, Lisa was driving, so I didn’t have to risk life and limb to take photos.  Much appreciated.)





You know, I was also going to show you some of the yarn that followed me home.  But since that yarn is not AT Rhinebeck any more (and this post is extremely long already…..) I think I’ll save that for another day.

Last Look At Rhinebeck (for this year):


Sunday Morning Moon.

6 responses to “Last Look at Rhinebeck

  1. I love the Hudson Valley. It is beautiful all year round.

  2. I wish I’d taken more pictures and bought a souvenir, too! Thank you for the memories.

  3. Rhinebeck looks like it was just heavenly. The fall colors, the animals, and all the wonderful fiber and fiber folks.

    I know just what you mean about Grand Central Station — it blew me away the first time I took a train there.

  4. Mmmm, I love flying into LaGuardia. But soon there won’t be a Shea Stadium to see! Spent a lot of time there in our previous life.

    The Rhinebeck pictures are wonderful; thanks for sharing.

  5. 1. Grand Central truly does make one feel like they in a movie.
    2. Preserved/restored train stations are awesome.
    3. I love that logo, too.
    4. I didn’t know the Hudson was such a big river. Duh.
    5. The area where you went is gorgeous.
    6. Why don’t the roads on the East Coast have ditches? Don’t they snow and rain like we do?

  6. Gorgeous pictures!

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