A New Day


Sunrise, November 5th, 2008.  Either way, this day was going to dawn on a different America.

As it is, it seems it’s quite a new day indeed, says voter number 1510 at her polling place.  (It was great to see all the college students there.)


I’m just glad my mailbox won’t be stuffed full of double and triple copies of scurrilous attack ads any more.  (Republican Party of Wisconsin, I’m looking at you.)  And glad that an unprecedently long and expensive two-year plus campaign is over at last.

TIme to move ahead and try to work on some problems here.

Tomorrow – back to regularly scheduled knitting and randomness!

4 responses to “A New Day

  1. Amazing, isn’t it? I was getting weepy listening to recaps of both candidates’ remarks after the concession last night. It is truly exciting to be an American right now.

  2. A new and better day, indeed.

  3. What a wonderful new day it has been.

    (I am so glad to the end of multiple copies of dirty ads in our mailbox, as well. The Republican Party of New York has not impressed me!!)

  4. (Sorry for the lateness of this comment — I’m catching up!)

    We actually saw Wisconsin attack ads here in eastern Iowa — some guy who they claimed was giving health care benefits to illegal aliens and to “people who don’t even live or work in Wisconsin.” I thought that last bit was hilarious, since they were showing it to people who don’t even live or work (or vote) in Wisconsin!

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