Daily Archives: October 30, 2008

Gnome Sweet Gnome sends me a lovely prize

Before I go any further, you must go see this Gnome, Sweet Gnome.

Back now?  Isn’t he incredibly, edibly cute?

Well, I was fortunate enough earlier to be the first (and correct) guesser as to what little Mr. H’s Halloween costume was going to be based on some clues, and so he and his mother the Yarn Pirate sent me a prize, which arrived earlier this week!

Sorry for the slightly blurry picture, but the Tricky Kitty is particularly delightful.  Yes, he poops jelly beans as he walks.  (Cola and butterscotch.)  Plus some yummy jack o’lantern mints, and a skein of awesome Yarn Pirate Halloween yarn!  That one, I got a somewhat better picture of:

Monster Mash!  How cool.

(Of course, now I have an earworm.) 

“They did the Mash; They did the Monster Mash!”

Hope you have equally good luck with treats tomorrow; or at least, that your tricks are no more tricky than Tricky Kitty!