Daily Archives: October 24, 2008

Friday Eye Candy from the Hudson Valley

The view from the Metro North train, coming up along the Hudson River exactly a week ago — en route to Rhinebeck.

Wow.  After a profound sleep deficit the night before (as in, precisely zero sleep) and then leaving home at 4 am and dozing on the flights and part of the train ride, I awoke to see this out the window — somewhere along the Hudson River.  Fall colors were at their peak, the sky was huge and gorgeous, the geologic formations and occasional architecture the train passed were fascinating.

On the way down, at least I was awake all the way: it was equally beautiful.

Sorry for the radio silence this week; it’s been a bit tough.  (Warning: Prolonged Whine ahead!) I thought my allergies were just kicking up a bit at Rhinebeck; I felt fine until I was traveling back home Monday (twelve hours door to door: rental car to taxi to train to bus to two plane flights with a long walk in between to taxi to home….) and feeling sicker and sicker as the day went on, with head and chest cold symptoms.  Then the next morning, I had to get up at (once again) 4 am to take my husband to the airport, to fly down to pack up his father (who has had recent health problems and now needs assisted living) and drive him up here where he will be living from now on.  Something about the virus/time change/whatever triggered a migraine too, and that led me to miss work Tuesday, because the combination of coughing and migraine made me feel as though I was actually in a Whac-A-Mole game, yes, as the Mole.  But I really couldn’t miss any more work; no one else can quite do what I do, and I’d already been gone.  So back I went Wednesday, dragging my tail, coughing into my elbow, using alcohol hand gel constantly and trying to stay away from people.  As well as being a (temporarily) single parent with all the usual evening activities plus some extra this week as the Gothlet had dress rehearsals for a city-wide choir performance.  Oh, this was an ill-timed virus.  And every night, I am waking up trying to turn my lungs inside out.  (At least, seriously, it’s me and not one of the kids.  I’d feel terrible if they were sick; we’d both be up all night; and I don’t know how I’d manage it if one of them were home sick right now.) This afternoon, I found out I also have a middle ear infection.  Not just for toddlers any more….

End o’Whine.

How about some good news?!  I don’t work tomorrow.  The only thing I have to do is take each girl to a dance class (I’m going to skip mine, seeing as I’m wobbly just walking down the hall, and my ear hurts when I bend over!), and take a package to the post office that I mailed last Thursday and they just delivered back to me yesterday for no apparent reason.  My husband just called from where they’ve stopped for the night (Peru, Illinois, if I heard right — granted, my hearing is questionable right now) and he will be back home tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow night, I will see the Gothlet perform, as one in a sea of small faces, but still, it will be fun (and they perform in concert with a very good college show choir).  I have definitively finished a blog-silence project that has been in the works since February, that I am looking forward to telling you about soon-ish.

And tonight, both children are accounted for and settled at the moment.  Which means I could go up and take a long, hot bath if I wanted (which is a rarity these days). High humidity and elevated body temperature are supposed to discourage viruses!  I have hot herbal tea by my side.  I have the books I brought back from Rhinebeck: all of which I’ve dipped into, none of which I’ve finished: the Yarn Harlot’s newest collection of essays, Franklin’s hilarious book, “It Itches”, and the latest Mason-Dixon compendium (the latter two signed at Rhinebeck!: I never caught Stephanie signing, though I saw her three times, once to talk to briefly). Sounds like a recipe for a pleasant evening.

So to finish on a high/Eye Candy note, let me show you the sugar maple that I saw and just had to take a photo of, the afternoon before I left for Rhinebeck (this is a block from my house, in front of my friend and colleague’s house):

And the sugar maple I saw two days later, over a thousand miles away at Rhinebeck:

The Sisterhood of the Sugar Maples, all across America.

Love it.