Saturday Sky at Rhinebeck

There was, hmm, a little more to see than just the sky, as beautiful as it was.

However, I seem to have come home with a New York virus as an additional souvenir, to accompany the yarn in my suitcase, so the details will need to wait a bit to be shared.

I promise, I did take lots of pictures, though!

6 responses to “Saturday Sky at Rhinebeck

  1. Jealous! Even with the virus.

  2. That picture is beautiful – love the contrast in the colors. Glad you’re back safely, even if under the weather, and will live vicariously through you when the full report is posted.

  3. Uh-oh… I just looked at Carole’s blog and she also has a virus. I am so hoping that I was not the disseminator of said germs. Feel a little like Typhoid Mary. But there were lots of other people coughing… and I didn’t get the bug in a vaccuum, so it’s gotta be out there wandering around, with all its little virus friends.

    Speaking of little virus friends, our pc is infected! So I’m on the work laptop, which I brought home to investigate about the virus (and of course catch up on email and etc).

    THANK YOU!!! We missed the ravelry meetup on Sunday and so I missed you to say goodbye and thanks. I will post pics when I feel better and when I get our machine up and going. It was really good to meet you “in the flesh”.

  4. Huh, just posted a comment that got lost. Let’s see…

    Uh oh, Carole is sick too… here’s hoping I was not the disseminator of the virus. Typhoid Lisa or something. I’m still sick, can hardly talk, tired but don’t feel too awful… AND our PC is sick!!!

    There was more, but basically, thank you!

  5. Hmmm – The Gambler has a bad cold as well…just like both of us did last year; perhaps both of you are suffering from this year’s version of My Birthday Virus. I imagine that my own infection will kick in the day I go back to work.

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