Midweek Knitting Update

Quick update of a couple things on my needles (at least, what I can show you):

Baby hat:  (No, CeCe, this one is not for the Little Guppy!)

 (Norwegian) Sweet Baby Cap, from Gros Blog.  Ties still need to be sewn on; I made twisted cord ties.  In Sherwood Kabam (bamboo/merino superwash from my favorite Twisted Fiber Art, leftover from the Springtime in Sherwood anklets).  I modifed the pattern to make it a newborn size (I think).

And more of the semi-solid iteration of the Pioneer Braid Scarf: Dream in Color Classy in Ruby River.  I am loving this yarn, and how it works with the pattern.  These garnet tones are my favorites.  Here it is, posing with the mums.

I love how the chrysanthemums make a spiral, as they are starting to unfold.  A quintessential fall flower, they are.

The other two things I have on the needles are stealth projects.   I can’t show them to you yet.  Patience is a virtue!

6 responses to “Midweek Knitting Update

  1. Very cute hat – and the scarf is gorgeous – love the color and pattern…

  2. Damn. You know, my little one is coming in Dec – her/his head may get cold! And some OTHER baby will have a warm head. Just sayin’.

    (ignore the fact that I have a stockpile of booties/hats/sweaters to guard against the cold).

  3. Awww! I may need to make one – just found out a niece is expecting!

  4. Too cute! I love the pointy top of the hat. And the pioneer braid scarf looks great in variegated yarn.

  5. Oh, that hat rocks! I would love to see it on someone.

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