Monday Miscellany

Bits and Bobs that have built up.

  1. Jeanne and Lisa spotted with their sharp eyes the little brown blob in the back of Carny the Goldfish‘s bowl.  Yes — my husband (the pet-scoffer) actually BOUGHT a pet, but only as a live cleaner for Carny’s bowl.  So it’s really an accoutrement instead of for its own sake.  Apparently it’s a plecostomus catfish (algae-eater).  It was dubbed “Typhoon” after a ride at Oktoberfest.
  2. Unfortunately, Carny bit the dust sometime today.  So Typhoon is alone now with his algae.
  3. There are a lot of orange pets I had forgotten about, that you guys think I should have.
  4. I have been knitting stealth things and working on a third stealth project/pattern.  Besides working all weekend and into the evenings.  So I have little to show you.  I can perhaps show you one semi-stealth project tomorrow, since the recipient doesn’t read my blog that I’m aware of, if I get home during daylight.
  5. Thank you for all the nice words about the Pioneer Braid Scarf!  And the coreopsis (which indeed are blooming away, Nora, though the echinacea are gone).
  6. The Yarn Guide for colorwork, to carry two colors (or more) over the left finger, which I showed you in the last post, is not working for me at the moment.  I could use it, but it required some left thumb manipulation to position between one color and the other, which my thumb complained about.  So not in the cards right now.  We’ll try again some other time.
  7. It was a gorgeous weekend.  After work Saturday, I went to Ewetopia Fiber Shop in Viroqua to pick up some Louet yarn which Kathryn, the owner, had kindly ordered in for me, and also some other local yarn may have followed me home.   The local yarn may be earmarked to see the world, or at least New York. . . . On the way home, I had time to take some gorgeous Saturday Sky/Coulee Region pictures.  I was a little bummed going there that no one could come with me, but at least that meant I could stop the car and get out and take a picture any time I wanted. Here’s a sampling:

Lastly, in the midst of all this beauty: life sucks, and sucks big sometimes.  I have nothing to complain about, but some of my friends are hurting.  May they get through hard times as gently as possible under the very difficult circumstances.  And may they find moments of peace and beauty even in the middle of pain.

6 responses to “Monday Miscellany

  1. I’m sorry about Carny. It can’t be easy being a goldfish.

    I love plecostomus catfish! Upon a time, I had one that got rather large. Had to find him a new home large. o.O

  2. Oh Cathy, thank you so much!

  3. I have a new email…

  4. Poor Carny.

    We, somehow, have kept a goldfish alive for two years. Sometimes we feed him a pea. Perhaps that’s the secret of goldfish longevity?

    Beautiful photos, and I’m sorry about your friend. xo

  5. The pictures are stunning. My commute in has been absolutely breathtaking lately.

    Do you know if there’s a knit night at a coffee shop in La Crosse? Or even a knit afternoon, since a Sunday afternoon might be easier for me to actually make it to without worrying about feeding the dog.. 🙂

    (And has the little smiley face always been in the upper far, far right of your header..?)

  6. I’m coming still on Saturday and I want a hug.

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