Because Apparently We Needed Another Orange Pet

Two weren’t enough.

Trinity the orange corn snake, and Citrus the orange cat, meet Carny the goldfish.

Won (and therefore named) by the RockStar at Oktoberfest by performing some feat of skill or other on the Midway.  Brought back from near death and now quite lively — for the moment.  (We all know better than to get attached to goldfish.)

I can’t believe we have three all-orange pets.   I hardly dare ask what other orange pets may be attracted to the invisible OrangePet beacon we apparently have going (since we didn’t go out looking for ANY of these).

What’s next?  Venomous tree frogs?

5 responses to “Because Apparently We Needed Another Orange Pet

  1. Basenji’s are orange.

  2. Nah, I don’t think I know of any orange frogs…I could be wrong. How about an Orangutan? They’re kinda orange. And really, really cute!

  3. Well I see you also have one of those algae eaters, what are they called, something like Plecopterans (but those are stoneflies, so it’s only something like that). An orangutan! That’d be a hoot! We brought home a WHOLE bag of those little orange fish, when kiddo was 3.5 and we went to a magic show and he asked the guy if he could have one of the fish… and we got all 6 or 8 of them. We STILL have them, or at least some of them. They pushed the biggest one out a few years back. Found it dead and dry on the floor. They pushed the next biggest one out, but we shoved it back in and it thrived for a while longer… then it too got pushed out and later found dead and dry. Now we’re down to 4 (maybe 5 I can’t remember). They have changed colors over time, two becoming whiter/silverier, and one losing its little black mustachio. We should put them in a bigger tank, but we’ve only got the 10 gal (with filter… the algae eater bit the dust some time back, should get another…).

  4. We have a 16.5-yo ORANGE tabby cat, neutered, who would love to go to a new home where people would pet her and feed her and let her sleep with them and clean her litter box every so ofter. Period. No romping, no I-want-to-go-outside-now-I-want-to-come-in games. Just feed her, pet her, carry away the poop, and listen to her purr.

    Seriously, we moved her to our house in Minneapolis almost 2 years ago when the 2 younger feline lummuxes (lummii?) here started bullying her, to the point where she didn’t come out from under the bed. She now lives quietly in our bedroom there with her own litter box and self-filling feeder and water dish. Smokey works every other weekend, so for 3-4 days out of every 14 she has loving company.

    But lately our housemates say she has started crying because she is lonesome when he isn’t there. So if you — or anyone else reading! — are interested in an 8-pound bundle of furry love that sheds prolifically, let me know.

    However, I won’t be disappointed or surprised if neither you nor anyone else takes me up on this generous offer 😉

  5. Looks like Carney is sharing space with an oticinclus. I could never get them to live very long, but I have 4 similar goldfish in my pond right now that have survived for 3 years already. If yours lives that long, you’ll need a bigger bowl.

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