Recipe for a Rainy Day? Handspun and a New Book!

I think it was raining the day not long ago when I received wonderful blog contest prizes in the mail.  And it was raining again yesterday, when I was finally home during daylight to take a picture of the wonderfulness.

So let me show you, imperfectly with flash, first the artistry of Gwen at Pieces of String Too Small To Save!

(She also has an etsy shop with hand-dyed roving and more handspun.  Highly recommended.)

I won the above delectable handspun goodness PLUS chocolate in the shape of Ohio (awesome!) and a blog button that DOESN’T go in my sidebar!  (It says, “Pieces Of String Too Small To Save”, since I know you can’t read it.)  All as a Blogiversary giveaway.  I have some thoughts in mind for this incredibly soft, squishy, gorgeous hand-dyed handspun, but just want to pet the yarn some more and let it talk to me.  Maybe the chocolate will allow me to hear it better….

On the very same day, another treat came in the mail, courtesy of the kindness of a knitter/author/blogger/instigator!

For Ravelympics, which I told you about recently, I was on Team Twisted, in celebration of one of my favorite yarns.  One of our co-captains, Kathleen Taylor, GrammaK on Ravelry and the one who actually instigated TeamTwisted (I use the word advisedly), is an author both of knitting books* and mystery fiction, as well as having a great knitting blog where she shares some of her excellent patterns for free (go there and check out the stranded colorwork sweater she just designed and knit.  Wow).  Anyhoo, she gave all the team members a copy of one of her mystery books just ’cause.

(Did you notice its cover coordinates perfectly with the handspun?  Somewhat mysterious how that worked….)

I picked it up and opened it in the middle just as a sample, and immediately got sucked in.  NO!  Put The Book Down!  I think it might need to come with me on my travels next week, however.

* I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t realize that I owned two of Kathleen’s books until I Googled them for this post.  That is, I knew about one of them (one of her felting books) but not the second, her book about hand-dyeing yarn….idiote!


Thank you, Gwen and Kathleen!  KNITBLOGGERS ROCK!

One response to “Recipe for a Rainy Day? Handspun and a New Book!

  1. Took me a minute… I thought it was a cookbook with commentary! That is some lovely handspun!

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