The Pioneer Braid Scarf

I mentioned my newly written-up scarf pattern in passing the other day, but wanted to show you it (and the lovely yarn I knit it in) up close and personal.

Here it is, in a gorgeous self-striping yarn by Meg of Twisted Fiber Art, with my 13-year-old RockStar as willing model.

The yarn, Lotus (50% merino/50% tussah silk) in the Fortune colorway, is not currently available as it was a club yarn, but Meg’s Duchess yarn in the long color repeats would give a similar effect.  (If you’re interested, go to her website and sign up to be notified when “long repeat” Duchess in the colorway(s) of your choice next comes up for dyeing.)

This garter stitch short row pattern is inspired by Karen Baumer’s Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf, with a twist.  Although it looks great in self-striping or long color repeat yarns, it is also a super choice for hand-dyed variegated yarns as the varying row lengths will tend to break up pooling.  Even semi-solid yarns are subtly shown off by the pattern:  here’s Dream in Color Classy in the Ruby River colorway:

The pattern is written for approximately 300 yards of worsted weight yarn.  Suggestions are given in the pattern for adapting it for other weights of yarn or slightly different sizes.  The yardage given resulted in a scarf 5 ½ x 62 inches (14 x 160 cm), but obviously the scarf can be knit to any desired length.  Although I show circular needles above, they are not required; straight or circular needles in a size appropriate to your yarn and knitting style are fine.  Gauge in the scarves shown above is 18 stitches/4 inches in garter stitch; gauge is not critical.

The name came from a suggestion by Sarah-Hope, whom my original version reminded of a quilting pattern by the name Pioneer Braid.  I love the name!  Thanks again, Sarah-Hope.

The pattern is up as a page under my Free Knitting Patterns (see sidebar, upper right).  By this weekend, I hope to have figured out how to put it up as a pdf and free Ravelry download also.  As the pattern states, please knit freely for your own use, gift-giving, and for benefit of charity (but not for profit). 

Enjoy!  Now to try to get it back from my daughter….

10 responses to “The Pioneer Braid Scarf

  1. Very pretty.

    The scarf is nice, too. ;^)

  2. Gorgeous scarf! I like it much better than the multidirectionsl triangle pattern. The braid looks is awesome!

  3. Great scarf, and it really shows off the yarn!

  4. Great scarf – thanks for the pattern!

  5. Lovely photo shoot. Thanks for the pattern!

  6. I love it! I am a big fan of the multidirectional scarf, but I think I like this one even better! I might make a version of this for my med student… it gives me something to look for at Rhinebeck — the yarn for it.

  7. Looks wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to write up the pattern.

  8. The scarf is almost as pretty as you daughter. Thanks for writing the pattern.

  9. Do you have a shop open already on Ravelry? If not, there’s a process to go through. First, you must ask CodeMonkey to set a shop up for you. The Designers group and/or the Ravelry Shopkeepers group has a thread for those requests that is sometimes open, sometimes closed. When it’s open, Casey is taking shop requests. (I can’t currently find my notes on the exact addresses you need. Sorry. You could try the help chatroom….) Once your shop is open, the process for uploading pdf’s is not too hard.

  10. wow, exactly what I was looking for a thirteen ager too! Thanks for the pattern!

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