Pirates Like Eye Candy Too

Still in Chicago, and very busy at a very good meeting.

Knitting still limited, but garter stitch is do-able, thank goodness.

Unfortunately, no camera cord has magically materialized!

So ye’ll have to do with older pictures on this Talk Like a Pirate Day!  But actually, ye haven’t seen these before, I don’t think, they just happened to be on my laptop from an earlier upload.  Arrrr!

So first, in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day today:

Sailing like a Pirate at Camp this summer.

(Can you see the sails on the little Sunfish boat at right?  Click to embiggen if not!)

Second, my hoped-for plan is to visit Loopy Yarns tonight.  And I realized I forgot to show you something cool that was outside Loopy Yarns’ old location when I was there in June:

Graffiti knitting!  (Actually, I think it may be Graffiti Crochet?  I don’t remember for sure, but it looks like crochet from here!)

Last, here’s two pretty pictures — also from camp — for Eye Candy Friday, of sunset followed by the moon over Little Boy Lake.  The moon is just past full (some of us know that intimately….).  

Let this substitute for the gorgeous sunset pictures I took tonight from the Adler Planetarium, that I can’t show you until I get home.

7 responses to “Pirates Like Eye Candy Too

  1. I’m here to help enable yarn buying. FYI, Loopy has there own colorway of Lorna’s Laces. It’s a really pretty periwinkle blue and brown.

    Just sayin’.

  2. I hope you have their new address. They are just around the corner on Polk, in the Dearborn Station. (Just didn’t want you to get there and think they were gone!) Enjoy this amazing weather we are having. Once the rain stopped, this has been my favorite week of the year!

  3. Oh! Wait, let me start over…

    ARGH! I bought me some yarn booty from Creative at the festival the same colors as that sunset up there!! 🙂

    okay, i dont make a good pirate

  4. enjoyed the photos (thanks) especially the moon pic.

  5. yarn grafitti.. gotta love it.. xD

  6. Have fun….buy something wonderful!

  7. Oh My Gosh! That next to last picture should be a card! How gorgeous!

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