No Longer The Preteen

Someone’s 13th Birthday was today.

I was hoping for a young woman on the brink kind of picture, but I should know better.  I’m not finding any like that in the digital archives.

However, next best thing is a self portrait of the artist, taken just a couple weeks ago.

Tonight, though, it was all silliness!

When the Gothlet (my younger one, not pictured) put on my husband’s sunglasses, already having his black leather jacket on for warmth, it was decided she looked like a young John Lennon.  I think the no-longer-Preteen looks more like Michael Jackson in the picture above, though!  Or some other musician whose identity I can’t come up with right now.

Welcome to the teen years, my dear!  We’re all planning on hanging on for what might be a bumpy ride, but a fun one, I bet, with you around.

But first, you have some algebra homework to finish….

6 responses to “No Longer The Preteen

  1. Happy Birthday No-Longer-Pre-Teen! Enjoy the ride mom and take good notes – I’ll need them!!

  2. Oh my! She looks more like she’s 16! My boy turns 13 in November, but boys clearly mature later, and mine will likely be on the late end of that… Yikes! (I should talk, I was quite tall and busty at her age-which would make mom yell out the window to the contractors who came to see dad, “she’s TWELVE”-… but I didn’t have that glorious hair!)

  3. Happy Birthday Teen!

  4. No-Longer-Preteen in the sunglasses reminded me of this photo on the Pioneer Woman’s blog:

  5. Happy Birthday!! Does she get a new moniker?

  6. Oh, I’m with you on this one. My oldest just turned 13 this summer although she’s going for the blue-haired arty look rather than Goth or anything. Happy (belated) birthday to her!

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