Stylin’ with the School Forms

So, today is the first day of school here.

The soon-to-be-former-Preteen has been back, dumped off her stuff (LOTS of forms to sign, I see by peeking!), and is off to the neighborhood ice cream place about half a mile away, with her best friend, to cool off (it’s 92 degrees F, and her school has no air conditioning, except in the LMC) (and neither does this house, incidentally, except for her bedroom right now).

The Gothlet was just intercepted at the bus stop by my husband to go to her drum lesson (yes, she’s aiming to become the butt of drummer jokes down the road, even though she’s perfectly capable of accurate pitch etcetera).  (Actually, we’re trying to homegrow our own band.  Hmm, maybe I’d better brush up my keyboard skills then.  Well, rhythm guitar, that I can do, seriously.  A bit of keyboards.  Don’t forget the mad recorder skilz! (har)  And all four of us sing.)

And I came home from work, a little early because it was SUPPOSED to be my afternoon off (which worked about as well as it usually does) to find a happy package in my mailbox!  As mentioned before, I don’t show off every sock club yarn delivery I receive (the words “Fifth Amendment” come to mind), but today’s was very special.  Yesterday’s socks were from the first of three shipments of Astrid’s Damselfly Yarn‘s first Sock Club offering, and today’s package was her last shipment of the three.

It’s called Wild Violets, in Astrid’s Sturdy Sheep (merino/nylon blend).  Wild Violets being sadly out of season, the yarn is posing with a kindred-hued spirit in the form of hosta — these hosta always saying ‘back to school’ to me.

But wait!  What’s this?

(No, I’m not talking about the slug holes in the hosta, sillies!)

A lovely, coordinating hand-dyed silk scarf as an extra special lagniappe for the Sock Club members!

Isn’t it gorgeous, and won’t it look great with the coordinating socks?  Hmm, something lacy and a little fancy, I think.  Picking out a pattern to match your silk scarf is such a great problem to have!

Bring on those school forms!  I am STYLIN’!

5 responses to “Stylin’ with the School Forms

  1. Stylin’, indeed! That will be a great combo.

    I’m sitting here trying to think of a good name for the Cathy-Cate family band…

  2. Oh my! that yarn is VERY nice!

  3. I can sing too… just nobody wants to listen! My brother told me “you can bring a nation to its knees, and that’s not in a good way”. Oh well…keep my day job and all. That yarn is GEORGEOUS!!!! Our first school day was today… and kiddo came home with a boatload of forms too. But it’s 20 degrees F cooler around here.

  4. OMG! My yarns are featured in your blog for two days in row! I am beside myself. And I’m so glad your final shipment arrived today, and you got to be the first to go public with it, since you’ve been the last to get the yarn all summer. AND you know and use the word lagniappe. You be stylin’ indeed.

    Happy first day of school — today is the first time I haven’t sent a child to public school for the first day in sixteen years. The youngest goes to college next week . . .

  5. I filled out so many forms for K’s school that when I got to the Dr.’s office yesterday and it asked for “birth date” I put “10 / 28 / 96”. The nurse almost fell over when she asked why they were doing a colonoscopy on an 11 year old!!

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