P is for Portable

My brand spanking new laptop (I’ve never had one). Portable computing!

My Portable project – to think I wasn’t a sock knitter until a couple years ago. The Perfect on-the-go knitting. (Notice one Spring Forward sock done — pretty much all while being ‘Ported’.)

My Portable pouch to pack my Portable project in — the Go-Knit Pouch from knowknits.  Love this one.

Portability is a must for a busy working mom, who occasionally travels. I used to borrow my husband’s laptop sometimes, on the road. I couldn’t ever function without my Portable knitting!

P is for Portable.

3 responses to “P is for Portable

  1. What a beauty! I was pretty amazed that you bought it on Sunday and still spent several hours with Smokey and I. If it had been me, I fear I would have made a beeline to a quiet place with an electric outlet so I could play with the new toy.

  2. Perfect “P”! Add a potable – but not when you’re driving – and it’s even more perfect!!

  3. Ooooh, would that be a new Mac??

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