Pre-Vacation Vacation

So, I need to rest up before Family Camp.

(Actually, I’m mostly taking advantage of being temporarily without children!) My husband and I usually celebrate our May anniversary by going away for a night or two to an area bed and breakfast (usually a different one every time). It didn’t happen earlier this this year because I had to work every weekend around then, including Memorial Day weekend. Thus, we’ll just celebrate a bit late this year!

I took a day off tomorrow, and today we’re driving Up North a few hours to the lovely St. Croix River Inn. This is a place we’ve stayed a few times, actually, over the 25 + years we’ve been together; more often when we lived in the Twin Cities. So it will be nostalgic. It’s really beautiful; and breakfast is amazing, too.

AND — double bonus — upon realizing that Osceola was in Polk County, Wisconsin, and upon that triggering a recollection about who was a newly elected governing official of said Polk County, I fired off an email; with the result that a knitblogger meet-up is in the works for later today with kmkat! W00t! and Woo-hoo! Having met her IRL before, and having lived with my husband all these years, I’m looking forward to them meeting (I promised him we wouldn’t just talk about knitting — no fear!)

I ran across the Polk County info in some random Google search. But, above and beyond this allowing us a rendezvous, I was glad to get the county info. The last time we stayed at the St. Croix RIver Inn, there was a tornado somewhere in the vicinity. We could see black and green clouds (no funnel, granted) from the huge picture window in our room (picture THAT imploding into the room), and turned on the radio; well, the tornado warning information is by county, and we had NO clue what county we were in! There is no innkeeper on premises in this particular inn. So we went into the hallway of the lower level of the inn for some time, and hoped for the best.

I already know what knitting I’m taking — now to throw some clothes together. Priorities, after all.

Here’s yesterday’s Saturday Sky with bonus bird (much more photogenic than today’s gray sky, which just started sprinkling as I typed this; ah well, perhaps we’ll just have to plan on more indoor-type activities….)

And last week’s Saturday Sky, which never got shared with you as such (I guess I did show you a close-up of the sunset bee on echinacea) .

And, lastly, how about a flower picture, since I didn’t really give you my usual Flower Eye Candy Friday?

Phlox in yesterday’s early morning sun.

See you when I return, hopefully with knitting progress to report!

4 responses to “Pre-Vacation Vacation

  1. I fear the weather today is nearly as bad as the last time you were here — thunderstorms, although no tornado watches as far as I know.

  2. Have fun! Beware the stormy skies…

    I had a college roommate from Osceola.

    Go see my post today about Dining Upon Crow. You were right. I was stupid. Next time maybe I’ll listen!

  3. I really chuckled at the pre-vacation vacation idea… will there be a post vacation vacation (aka recouperation)? It’s just starting to thunder, so I’m off here in a moment. Great O post!

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