Daily Archives: July 31, 2008

A Tale of Two Pinks

One Pink-ish thing is speeding along:

(seen by sunset light here, I realize it looks orange)

Yes, I know I’m using pink loosely. This, of course, is “Apricot Blush”. (Typing that reminds me of “Steel Magnolias”. “My colors are Blush and Bashful.”)

Aren’t I a speedy knitter? Look at the progress in two days!

Not so much, of course. I cast on Saturday night, and though I haven’t had much time to knit, this pattern goes quickly. Would you believe there are actually only two pattern rows in the lace in Spring Forward? Amazing! I walked to work yesterday and that was an inch or two right there of knitting progress.

So that pink is going swimmingly. I started it because I was frustrated with reverse progress on my lovely Wendy’s Kay’s Diamonds and Purls shawl, and had to take a break (and, as I said, I’ve been wanting to knit Spring Forward since it came out, and wanting to knit up this yarn since it came).

Reverse progress? Well, I saw a boo-boo in my edge faggoting, a few rows down. Now i have done lace surgery, and felt pretty confident of my ability of fix things. Ah, hubris.

What I actually haven’t done? Do lace surgery on true knitted lace, where you have yarnovers and knit-two-togethers on BOTH sides of the fabric. Or lace on the edge (I have reknit an edge before, I know, but not lace). I could not bring the faggoting back together with my pins and crochet hooks and dpns to look any better, in fact, it began to look worse and worse, and the hole got bigger and bigger.

So I put the ends of stitches on a stitch holder to prevent the hole from getting any bigger.

And brooded. And began to tink, at which point I found out that tussah silk holds hands with itself and doesn’t care for tinking (I really hadn’t tinked more than a stitch or two this whole shawl). Oh, it’s taking me forever to tink. So I put it down and started Spring Forward!

The sock picture was from yesterday. I knit through a noon informational meeting today, and a bit before dinner, as well as walking to and from work yesterday; I’m about to start the toe decreases. Woo-hoo!

Emergency laundry, you might ask, re: yesterday’s post? Why, yes! My girls are going to summer camp, which starts Sunday. Rose invited a friend to go with her. Her friend’s parents just suggested they drive them to camp (or more accurately, halfway to camp, to catch the bus) — but they’re leaving tomorrow, to play in the Twin Cities for a couple days before going. The girls are thrilled — Mall of America fun among other treats! But suddenly, we had to get them all packed, and work’s been crazy. So emergency laundry, to get over a week’s worth of clothes suddenly ready!

So: Test Knitter Yarn is going out Saturday when I have a day off work! (Tomorrow will be just as wild, if not more so, at work, sigh.) But then I have a vacation day Monday and special plans for Sunday; more about that later. And I’ll get back to and redeem my lovely shawl. After a few hours of tinking. Double sigh.