Getting Bloggy Again

Quick post — wasn’t going to post at all, busy with laundry emergencies, but I had to share something with you.

Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to do any more blog navel-gazing.

However, one of my little free patterns, Piano Mitts/Mini-Mitts,

was today’s Free Knitting Pattern of the Day at The Daily Knitter.

This isn’t a site I regularly read, but apparently at least 3000 knitters do….

Here’s the proof of the citation! (formatting has gone a bit whackoid in the copying)


Today’s free knitting pattern for Wednesday, July 30, 2008, is:

Piano Mitts
Note that the pattern will open in a new window.
Missed a day? Click here for the Knitting Patterns of the Day from the previous two weeks.

6 responses to “Getting Bloggy Again

  1. Good grief! Pattern released today and you have two done? Either they are a very fast knit or you are a truly amazing knitter. I suspect both.

  2. No, no, you flatter me! I wasn’t clear, this was a pattern I wrote up last year that’s been up on my blog for ages (hence the photo, knit and photographed last summer). The website above just featured the pattern today, with many, many knitters coming over to check it out.

    They are a fast knit, though!

  3. Congrats! How exciting…it must be really nice to create a pattern and have it get a wide audience.

  4. Woah! Internet stardom!

    Don’t suppose those eagle feather mitts will be coming along soon . . . ?

  5. Internet stardom, indeed! Good work.

  6. How fun to have your pattern published.! I must try some. I know just who to make them for!

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