Despite the fact that I have two other projects I’m working seriously on (we won’t discuss all the other UFOs languishing); during a temporary setback in one, I cast on for yet another sock this weekend.

You can’t tell this yet, but this is the beginning of Spring Forward socks, a pattern written by Linda Welch, whom I met at Sock Camp

here modeling the toilet paper cover which she knit, the Socktopus, which was voted the campers’ favorite.

Anyhoo, I’ve been dying to cast on for this sproingy pattern since it came out.

And I finally succumbed to temptation when I hit that snag  (more on that in a later post).

I cast on with some lovely yarn I’ve also been dy(e)ing to knit with — the first Sock Yarn Club yarn from Astrid’s Damselfly Yarns! (link is to her etsy shop). See it in the lovely “Blushing Apricot” yarn cake above. Mmmm!

I met Astrid face-to-face when I travelled to Sock Camp. So these socks are very special to me, being a tangible and knitterly souvenir of Seattle and Sock Camp. Plus I love the pattern and the yarn. AND — I used a cast-on that I learned at Sock Camp! JC Briar taught an all-afternoon class in cast-ons. My brain hurt by the end, I freely admit. But her very clear handout helped my overly full brain remember the German Twisted cast-on — and it’s So Sproingy! This is my new favorite cast-on for things that need to stretch. Awesome! And it has this cool convoluted rhythm to it as you do it, like a pretzel doing the rhumba. Very fun once you get in the groove.

Now, I really have not had time to knit very much at all, what with work and family things (hence the blog silence, and why the yarn hasn’t QUITE gotten out to most all of the test knitters — tomorrow is my plan!) — but this pattern is so straightforward, that even in stolen moments I have made significant progress. If it weren’t for the fact that I got home late from work again; well, earlier than last night which was after dark, but today was in a downpour — I could have shown you something that looked like Spring Forward! As it is, you’ll see it soon. However, I have not had enough sleep for two weeks, and it’s starting to add up — so I must away. ¡Mañana! (I hope!)

8 responses to “Sproing!

  1. That pattern is on my list, and I’m looking forward to seeing yours – the yarn is gorgeous!

  2. Definately on my to-do list!

  3. Don’t you just love Linda!

  4. That t.p. cover is awesome!

  5. Spring Forward is clearly the sock of the moment — and it’s looking good with that yarn! And speaking of Sproing, check out this: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2008/07/sproingers-spro.html

  6. I want a socktopus!

  7. Had to go google the german twisted cast on, yikes! But I’ll try it sometime. What a pretty color for those socks! (and I LOVE the socktopus!)

  8. Have to agree – LOVE the Socktopus!!!

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