Prickly yet Philosophical Eye Candy Friday

Prickly but pretty. Kind of like my Preteen.

I was trying to find a Scottish connection today as an excuse to post a thistle picture. I did find that, 405 years ago today, King James VI of Scotland was crowned the first king of Great Britain. You’ll have to make do with that.

More pertinent to me, but unrelated to thistles, I found out in researching the previous factoid, that exactly 30 years ago today, Louise Brown was born. The first in vitro fertilization baby! (She’s now had a baby of her own — fortunately, without needing extra assistance.)

And also more pertinent to me, unrelated to IVF or Scotland, but tangentially related to thistles:

I saw the first ragweed pollen show up in the daily pollen counts I get in my email inbox. Dang. Here we go.

Why can’t we train these guys to preferentially pick up ragweed pollen and take it home? It would be a win-win situation.

5 responses to “Prickly yet Philosophical Eye Candy Friday

  1. How do you get pollen counts delivered to your inbox? Ragweed would explain why my contacts feel fuzzy.

  2. So. If the pollen counts are delivered to your inbox, does that mean you sneeze when you open your email? (I crack myself up.)

  3. So I just looked at the hat instructions and have a question… Why can you not just cast on a stitch on one of 4 dps and join and knit with needle 5? Ann Budd goes over the “eastern cast-on” in her “working socks from the toe up” in summer 07 interweave. Looks much like Judy’s magic cast on, yes?

  4. Ho-kay, I’ve been out for a while. 1. I’ll help knit a hat if you need me. 2. MSP visit coming up? 3. Thistles – reminds me of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. (Have you read it?)Through ravelry learned that Claire’s Thistle and Knot ring has been “re-created” and is sold online!

  5. I love thistles. Yes, they’re prickly, but the colors are so beautiful. I’ve definitely carved out room for them in the fantasy garden I’m planning for my retirement.

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