Anyone Up for a Nice Warm Hat?

Here’s the scoop.

Like Lorette, I seemed to have a deficit of chunky yarn (especially chunky yarn which would show cables reasonably well). (That’s what happens when you’re a sock yarn addict.) So one of my missions in Madison was to find some yarn to test knit No Name Hats in, since the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky was okay but not superb.

Problem Solved! Between the Sow’s Ear and Lakeside Fibers, I found rather a few nice chunky yarns! Some are better for cables than others, but mmmm some are very nice.

New Problem? Too much else to knit! And I need to have time to rewrite the patterns and chart them. And how many times can I knit the same hat, anyway?! And gauge could be a bit different with all these yarns….

So, anyone up for test knitting a nice warm hat in August?

Before you raise your hands (yes, I see you in the back there!), here’s what it would entail:

  1. You’d need to be probably at least an intermediate (or at minimum advanced beginner) knitter, accustomed to knitting on double-pointed needles or two circulars (or Magic Loop, but you’d probably have to use dpn’s for the beginning part then). Mostly because circular start and cables and the small diameter circular knitting is a lot to combine if you haven’t done it before.
  2. I’d need you to do a swatch first (I know — groan!) and knit to gauge; that’s why it’s a test knit!
  3. Ideally, if the hat could be done in a couple weeks from getting the yarn, that would be awesome. That’s not a dealbreaker if you have vacation etc., but the hat only takes a couple evenings, and I’d hate to have it take a couple months….
  4. I’d also need you to either take pictures of the finished product & email them to me, or send it back to me (postage paid) so I could photograph it and return to you. I’d also need measurements of the finished hat. And I’d love to know how much yarn was used (or left over) — by weighing the hat if you have an accurate scale (grams are nice), or mailing me back the leftover yarn to weigh if you don’t.
  5. Most importantly, I’d need your feedback about the hat fit, the pattern, anything. This pattern set will probably be a free Ravelry download, but I want it to be right if I do it all official-like. And I expect I may be offering a pattern or two for sale later this year, so this is practice for me.

Well, that’s a lot of demands! What would you get out of it? Free (mostly quite nice) yarn — hopefully a lovely hat at the end for you to keep or gift — and published credit (I expect this will be a free Ravelry download as well as on the blog. And my undying gratitude. : )

Truly, I would be very grateful.

If you would be interested or have any questions, leave a comment or email me at hitherandyarn AT gmail DOT com (you know the drill). I have three hat patterns (one isn’t up yet) and two variations of each hat to knit, so could use at least six test knitters. If you’re interested, email me, and also let me know if you have any yarn allergies/sensitivies.

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who’s willing to help!

11 responses to “Anyone Up for a Nice Warm Hat?

  1. Count me in! I’m your huckleberry.

  2. I’d love to test knit for you. And I’ve got plenty of time in August to work on it.

    You’re reasonably close to Chicago. Any plans to go to Stitches Midwest? (I’m already booked for it)

  3. I am up for it…but will be gone the last two weeks in August. Keep me in mind. It could come to Cabo on the plane…

  4. I’d love to help, but not sure I should.. there’s this cabled sweater I’m working on that has an early September deadline, you see. *smile* Good luck, though!

  5. *raises hand* I’d love to! 🙂 I am allergic to angora and mohair, though I don’t often see those in chunky yarns…just wanted to throw that out there. If you still need testers, I’d love to! 🙂

  6. I just realized my blog link apparently didn’t show up – I’m here at YarnWhore –

  7. I’d be happy too, if you’re willing to have a Canadian tester. I’m just over the border in Thunder Bay 🙂

  8. I’ll do it, if you still need someone. Can’t let my twin down!

  9. It looks like you have a lot of volunteers. Add me to the list, if you don’t have too many already.

  10. I’d love to test knit one for you as well, if possible…

  11. If you need another volunteer, count me in. I think it would be fun.

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