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Hooky Haul and Weekend (Knitting) Update

I told you I had fun at The Sow’s Ear and Lakeside Fibers.

Now, I don’t show all the yarn that comes into this house because I do have, um, enough yarn. There’s a certain Fifth Amendment thing happening, among other reasons. But there was some special yarn that I just have to show off, as well as yarn I mentioned yesterday.

First, I’ve been thinking about knitting Juno Regina sometime. But (believe it or not) I didn’t think I had the perfect yarn. Well, I think I might now. Look at this gorgeousness:

Over 1000 yards of Claudia’s Hand Painted silk lace, Copper Pennies colorway. Oooh. That’s all I can say.

Also, I mentioned the high twist heavyweight Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky which should be a good yarn for the No Name Hat(s).

Now, shield your eyes. The Day-Glo Dale Falk Neon for the BatHat (together with black for bats, of course):

On my monitor, that’s pretty close to real life! Think highlighter color. Gothlet likes it….

Still from the Sow’s Ear and still for the Gothlet:

I would not have bought this yarn without touching and seeing it, but I’m happy to have done so. This is a nylon and acrylic blend from Berroco, called Berroco Comfort Sock. The Gothlet is very sensitive to the itchies. She sometimes finds wool socks too warm, too. But she loves and appreciates handknit things! Lastly, she fell in love a long time ago with Reptilian Lace socks from Knitty.com. I had resisted knitting them for her, knowing she would find pretty much any sock yarn itchy and she’d outgrow them in a flash. Well, this yarn looks superbly reptilian; it’s very soft, and it’s cabled, so I think will wear well. As far as growth, she wants me to make them a bit big (and she’s actually wearing women’s size 4 to 5 shoes now anyway). By making them top down as the pattern calls for, I could always knit them a bit longer if needed down the road, too. People have noted that socks knit in this pattern tend to collapse horizontally and not stay up so well. So for the Gothlet, I think I’ll knit 3 pattern repeats on the front instead of 4, and skip the pattern on the back, instead knitting k2 p2 ribbing; that will help with staying up as well as help them fit longer and better — I think.

From Lakeside Fibers, the Packer Yarn:

and one of the skeins of Mountain Colors semi-solid, though I think I’ve changed my mind about its destiny:

(I recalled I have some eBay very nice red alpaca sportweight, over 1000 yds, which I can use for the Garden Party shawl. I’ll find something special for this!)


So, I must knit to make room in stash. (Never mind that the above represents months of knitting. Please move along right past that leap of illogic.)

Here’s what I was up to knitting-wise this weekend, at Late Night Knit Night and various and sundry times and places in Madison and home.

First, I took the time today to pin out Wendy’s (of WendyKnits) Kay’s Diamonds and Purls shawl, so you could see it and so I could assure myself that I’m making progress. I’m on the last repeat of the pattern chart, woo-hoo! Of course, it’s getting wider all the time, but that’s just the nature of the lace beast. It’s still exciting.

It’s about 45 inches by 18 inches right now. I have most of the last pattern repeat and the edging to go, so it will be a good-sized shawl as far as width.

And I just got down to where I’m going to start the heel (AGAIN!) on the meeting sock: third time. I think it’s stretchy enough now, though, to fit over anyone’s foot and lower calf. Sigh. The amount of knitting I’ve done, I should be at this point on the SECOND sock!

Next time I take its picture, I should show you the inside, which looks kind of cool too. The stitch is 3 rows of k2 p2 ribbing, 2 rows k.

Plus I did some stealth knitting. Mostly swatching, but it’s still stealth. You might see the results this weekend.

Hope you had a productive and/or enjoyable weekend too!