Daily Archives: July 18, 2008

N is for No-Name Hat

One of a (planned) trio of sibling hat designs, test knit up in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky, in Cranberry. (A little darker than it looks in the photo.) This is version 2 (with 8 cables) under the ‘Hat Without a Namet’ page.

This more softly spun 3 ply yarn does not make the cabling ‘pop’ quite the way the gorgeous “Buxom” yarn (received through the Twisted Big Needle Yarn Club, so I’m sorry, you can’t get your hands on any — yet) does. Planned version 3 (I just want to test knit it first to see if it fits an adult human) will be similar to the hat I made of the ‘Floozy’ colorway Buxom yarn

except with six cables instead of eight. Because this hat is a bit roomy-feeling, even though my head’s big (read–can’t wear most women’s hats).

I do have ideas for Names now. (Names — because there are variations on a theme, here.) I probably know what they will be Named, but will wait until I’ve test knit all three hats and can present them together.

Nobody told me, as I got into designing more, and now in the Age of Ravelry, how crucial Naming would be! Can’t have the same Name as someone else’s design, if at all possible. (Hint: Don’t even go down the “Twisty” or “Twisted” path.)

I need to find yarn more similar in characteristics to the Buxom, though, to test knit with, and preferably a photogenic, lighter-colored non-variegated one, to show off the pattern.

Well, today and tomorrow I’ll get that chance! I am going on a knitterly ROAD TRIP! To “Wonderful Madison, Jewel of Wisconsin“, where tonight I get to meet up with Dale-Harriet and Beth face-to-face at the incomparable Sow’s Ear Friday Late Night Knit Night. I am very psyched! Apparently a pig needs to accompany me & hang out with the Hog & Bloggers. I think I’ll wear my knitting tattoo…. Then tomorrow, I should have time to visit Lakeside Fibers, which I’ve never been to.

An Eye Candy Friday Flower for you from the garden, hanging out with the No-Name Hat — and I’ll see you tomorrow!