Name This Hat!

I designed and knit a hat this weekend. Not the lace shawl I’m supposed to be working on; not so much of the socks that ditto: but tell me, when gorgeous soft-as-butter 100% organic merino slow color change exclusive yarn from Twisted Fiber Art “Big Needle” Yarn Club shows up in your Saturday afternoon mail —

What’s a knitter to do?

So I started a top down hat since this was a new yarn and limited yardage; knit a few more inches past this point then frogged (there’s that theme again!) backwards, to less far than this picture, when I decided to put in another set of cables (for 8 altogether) to be more ‘ribby’. And interesting.

After a while, I ended up with this!

(Well, it’s taken 12 years 10 months plus another 9 months prep work to end up with the model. And she’s still a work in progress.) But the hat is finished! (Unless I frog it to refine the pattern a bit….)

Two problems:

I need to reknit another version of the hat (I’ll knit a prototype in some Lorna’s Laces Chunky I have, which is a similar gauge and feel, though not as buttery, and also more softly spun) to fine-tune the fit; and I have no idea about a name, yet I need to name it because people are already interested in the pattern. Total blank here, though.

So while I test knit & adjust, any thoughts as to the name? It shouldn’t reflect the gorgeous yarn, necessarily, since the pattern could be used for any chunky yarn. It’s a top down hat with eyelet cables (neither of those being obvious at first glance).

All ideas welcome!

And the beta version of the pattern should be showing up as a page in the very near future (tonight?). But because this hat is biggish-feeling even on my husband (though the power of K2 P2 ribbing made it stay on the head of even the Gothlet , I’m modifying the pattern to single columns of ribbing rather than the k2 columns. The original pattern would probably be about right for a less bulky yarn, say 16-18 stitches/4 inches. And the ribbing will start sooner. And I’m cleaning up the top. And I’m also putting in the original four cable version…. wait, what if I made six cables instead of eight, maybe then I could use the k2 columns??

Arg, I can’t do all this test knitting to see what works! But I am test knitting the single rib version right now. When I finish typing.

Names, anyone?

14 responses to “Name This Hat!

  1. Love the hat and the models! I think you really only knit and blog- How could you really have a job? Do you sleep???

  2. Bleyegret? Bl for blue; eye for eyelet; gr for green; and et for eyelet. Okay, I didn’t say it was a good name. Or elbac teleye? Mint snow? Timons? They may not be good but I did give it a try.

    Your girls are gorgeous!

  3. no great ideas on the name, but the k2p2 ribbing is known to draw in more than k1p1. and if it is already a bit on the big side….

    Names? Mine are all boring – Eyelet Cable watch cap…

    as far as the almost teen – you will remember the words “work in progress” hold them close. You just might need them.

  4. “Beauty” – for the hat and the models!!

  5. cheeseheadwithsticks

    Love the hat. The only name I come up with is “George” which really isn’t a good name for your hat.

    For a grey or brown furry hat with eyes maybe, and a tail, but not for your lovely cabley hat.

  6. Can you name the hat after the model?

    Yeah, I got nothing.

  7. I like the name you gave it on Ravelry.

    No, really!

    Either way, I like it.

  8. How about “holey hat”? I guess none of us is feeling wordy today. but it is pretty, especiallyin that yarn. I have some bulky smooshy that might look good, too.

  9. Eyes All Around Your Head?

  10. Can I try again?

    Ribby Ruby?

    Ruby Tuesday?

    I hope my suggestions are getting better.

  11. I like Floozy Hat, too. Cute model, even if she isn’t “done” yet.

  12. I’m desperately trying to find the pattern to make the eyelet cables. Can yyou send me the pattern please. I’m trying to recreate a baby afghan my mother, now deceased, made for all our babies.

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