Daily Archives: July 14, 2008

Name This Hat!

I designed and knit a hat this weekend. Not the lace shawl I’m supposed to be working on; not so much of the socks that ditto: but tell me, when gorgeous soft-as-butter 100% organic merino slow color change exclusive yarn from Twisted Fiber Art “Big Needle” Yarn Club shows up in your Saturday afternoon mail —

What’s a knitter to do?

So I started a top down hat since this was a new yarn and limited yardage; knit a few more inches past this point then frogged (there’s that theme again!) backwards, to less far than this picture, when I decided to put in another set of cables (for 8 altogether) to be more ‘ribby’. And interesting.

After a while, I ended up with this!

(Well, it’s taken 12 years 10 months plus another 9 months prep work to end up with the model. And she’s still a work in progress.) But the hat is finished! (Unless I frog it to refine the pattern a bit….)

Two problems:

I need to reknit another version of the hat (I’ll knit a prototype in some Lorna’s Laces Chunky I have, which is a similar gauge and feel, though not as buttery, and also more softly spun) to fine-tune the fit; and I have no idea about a name, yet I need to name it because people are already interested in the pattern. Total blank here, though.

So while I test knit & adjust, any thoughts as to the name? It shouldn’t reflect the gorgeous yarn, necessarily, since the pattern could be used for any chunky yarn. It’s a top down hat with eyelet cables (neither of those being obvious at first glance).

All ideas welcome!

And the beta version of the pattern should be showing up as a page in the very near future (tonight?). But because this hat is biggish-feeling even on my husband (though the power of K2 P2 ribbing made it stay on the head of even the Gothlet , I’m modifying the pattern to single columns of ribbing rather than the k2 columns. The original pattern would probably be about right for a less bulky yarn, say 16-18 stitches/4 inches. And the ribbing will start sooner. And I’m cleaning up the top. And I’m also putting in the original four cable version…. wait, what if I made six cables instead of eight, maybe then I could use the k2 columns??

Arg, I can’t do all this test knitting to see what works! But I am test knitting the single rib version right now. When I finish typing.

Names, anyone?