Singin’ those Forest Canopy Blues

Not because I’m unhappy–

but because my Forest Canopy is now blue!

Here’s your regulation blocking shot:

(just for Cookie, the dimensions are 68 inches by 36 inches; definitely no Icarus! but substantially bigger than the original Forest Canopy shoulder shawl)

and another Preteen modeling shot.

(She may be 12, for a bit longer, but she’s 5 feet 4 inches, so makes a good model when I can get her to acquiesce. Sometimes…. )

It’s not quite as vivid a blue as it looks in some of these pictures; the photo below is perhaps a little more accurate. A little.

The green stripes certainly don’t stick out any more!

Though, in the light, you can see the green, but it’s subtle. It looks almost peacock-like, in a way.

So, here’s the story.

Being lazy efficient in my actions, I did not block the shawl first as so many of you very sagely advised me to do. I pinned it out firmly as if it were blocked, in one area, and still saw only green stripes.

Right about then, I got an email from ISE 6, looking for angels for a few people who had never received scarves. I have three scarves on the needles right now, including the one you saw the other day, which is going fast when I let myself work on it. So I volunteered.

The person I got assigned to ‘angel’ is a crocheter, who however loves knit items. She admitted in her questionnaire to a longing for lace, and in fact shyly asked for a lace shawl if there was any chance of such a thing. Her favorite colors are jewel blues and purples, and she doesn’t like too much variegation.

K. I don’t QUITE need to be hit with a bolt of lightning to get it! Let’s see — should I overdye the lace shawl that I’m about to cast off, overdye it blue as I was fretting and fussing about doing anyway, and make someone who’s been waiting way too long for their swap scarf, very happy? Or should I knit a scarf from (almost) scratch that won’t, given the interests of time, be a lace scarf or shawl? Remembering that Forest Canopy was started primarily to use up this raffle prize yarn, and keep Nora company, and had no designated recipient (it was probably going to be for me, but Wendy’s Kay’s shawl is DEFINITELY (I think) going to be for me, so how many shawls do I need?)

So, decision made. I dyed it perhaps more of a jewel sapphire blue than I otherwise would have (I otherwise probably would have re-overdyed it with a bit more green or black to tone it down a bit; I did put in a bit of purple with the sapphire blue); had to do Jennifer‘s cat p— trick (read halfway down in the link to find out more!) to get the excess dye out, then stay up way late last night blocking; but I think and hope it will be just what the jewel-tone lace-loving scarf-lacking swapper will like.

Now to find a couple other treats to send her, but that’s the easy part.

Boy, am I happy to have that decision made, and the shawl all done! Not all blues are sad blues, you know — and the blues are one of my favorite things to play and sing.  Get out that big dreadnought guitar, a nice low key like A, and I’m good.

Here’s to singin’ the blues!

21 responses to “Singin’ those Forest Canopy Blues

  1. REALLY love the blue- you know I hate to be the one to tell you, but blue is not your color! I bet you know what I will say next….BLUE is MY color! 🙂

  2. It is beautiful! That blue is perfect.

  3. The blue is beautiful….much better for the shawl. Of course, I tend to be drawn to the color blue, the deeper and richer, the better.

  4. It came out beautifully and the swapper is lucky indeed.

  5. Well, I’ll be darned. It just all worked out, didn’t it?? I think the lucky recipient will be thrilled out of her mind!

  6. It is beautiful – love the blue!

  7. The shawl is beautiful! Blue is one of my favorite colors as it evokes nature…water and sky. I have seen sky that is nearly as blue as your shawl. You are a very generous swapper.

  8. It was meant to be! It turned out great. Thanks for the link to the Cat P__ tip (hehe) – it will come in handy!!

  9. OK – it’s beautiful!! Hi Gothlet!!

  10. Wow! Its gorgeous! And someone gets that PLUS other goodies? Amazing.

  11. martha in mobile

    What a convergence of noncoincidence! What a lucky recipient and what a kind knitter are she and you! Now I know dying a variegated shawl will work–now I just have to figure out how to do it…

  12. OK, now THAT–? is fabulous. As you say, a deeper darker blue than I expected you to go for, but the story brings that home. You must be building up a mighty nice nest-egg in the Karma Bank, too. Beautiful work.

  13. You made the right choice. The blue is stunning! I’m sure it will be very well received.

  14. Love, love, love the over dye. Beautiful. I’m sure the recipient will be knocked out.

  15. That is really beautiful – I’ve never heard of over dying something. It really looks great!

  16. You definitely rock! The blue is georgeous and the giftee will be thrilled. Absolutely the right choice!

  17. It’s just lovely and meant to be.

    Nice size, too. ;^)

  18. It’s so beautiful! Loved how it turned out. Love the socks too!

  19. Wow, that was so nice of you! You’re a great angel.

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