Distractions and Decisions

Thanks, everyone, for all the comments on last night’s post! (And if you haven’t commented yet, I’m interested in your opinion too!)

However, I could wish you — as a group — were more, um, consensual. No, wait, that’s not quite what I meant. Of one voice, anyway! But, hey, I asked for opinions, I got opinions!

I have not dawdled, exactly, but today was extremely busy at work (Monday after a holiday weekend, predictable, I suppose), so I’ve only finished a few rows of Forest Canopy and can therefore put off decision-making a little longer. Till tomorrow, at least.

In the meantime, I told you I had allowed myself to get distracted recently.

I had purchased some wonderful yarn from Twisted Fiber Art: Duchess base yarn, Meg’s DK weight superwash merino, but in a new put-up of 150 g with long color repeats; Sherwood colorway (yes, I like that one, okay? There’s also a certain amount of luck of the update). Not inexpensive, but more suitable to non-sock projects. I was contemplating a shawl or tank, but in the meantime, while still in the contemplation stage, I got a second similar Duchess skein in Portal, more suitable for the project I’m contemplating.

Then I was leafing through the books I just got from KnitPicks’ current 40% off sale, and was once again struck by the cover scarf

for Knitting New Scarves. I was inspired to buy this book after seeing Grumperina knit a scarf or two from it. Called Hourglass, the ‘cover scarf’ calls for Koigu Kersti and a double strand of Koigu KPM; knitting up at a fairly similar gauge to Duchess. The yardage called for was almost identical to my long repeat Duchess. How fortuitous!

Yes, it won’t have the same simple effect as the cover scarf, yet I think it will show off the lovely yarn (and contrast yarn) effectively and amusingly.

But no more scarfage until FC is done.

Back to knitting on the edge, and contemplating!

Before I do so, however, a public service announcement:

Twisted is having a shop update, somewhere between July 10 and July 15th. If you want any of Meg’s amazing yarn, check out her shop now, and put yourself on the mailing list to be notified when the next colorways to be dyed become available (see them under ‘self-striping colorways’. pick your desired base yarn, and click ’email me when stock is available’). Plus, any other colorways you’d like to see, ‘vote’ for by asking to be emailed when available; Meg takes those into account when deciding what to dye next.

A new colorway is about to be unveiled, too; very exciting! Check it out!

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