Friday Eye Candy from the Tropics

A catalpa flower, fallen among the clover.

It amazes me that such tropical-seeming plants can flourish in Wisconsin.  Not only the catalpa,

but the hardy hibiscus

which always seems completely incongruous here (this one is waiting to be planted outdoors, it’s not a patio plant).

Of course, right now, we are heading into the tropical season in Wisconsin in truth.

I’ve never understood how fluctuating between -20 degrees F in winter and 90 degrees F in summer with high humidity (-30 to +30 ° C), could be considered a “temperate” climate.

Perhaps there’s another definition of “temperate” in the dictionary that I’m overlooking?

6 responses to “Friday Eye Candy from the Tropics

  1. I have one of those trees! They are the messiest things I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve never understood that temperate weather thing, either. I would think y’all have too much snow for that, but I live in California, so what do I know? *L*

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Good question – I have no answer. I always assumed the word had a different meaning when used to apply to the zone in which we live!

  3. When Michael first moved here from the deep south, he used to constantly complain about the state of our roads, until I pointed out to him that the average year has a temperature swing of 130 degrees. I agree. That is not temperate.

  4. Are you sure that’s a hardy hibiscus? That one looks tropical… you might want to check! Those catalpas are so cool! I love the orange streaking on the throat – t.hat’s a great picture

  5. Do you have any cactus out there? I know there is some near the sand dunes in Illinois… first time I saw them, they had snow on them! Talk about looking odd… I think if you look close, lots of things look odd and out of place!

  6. I’ve got an huge and ancient catalpa in my backyard, it’s my favourite thing about June/July.

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