I’m Not Dead Yet

Sorry to alarm you all; though I do have Lyme Disease (this part of Wisconsin is swimming in it), it was diagnosed very early! I said ‘probable’ because Saturday it wasn’t for sure while awaiting results; now it’s basically confirmed. But I’m fine, just had the rash & fever and still am really wiped out.

I was dubious at first because I haven’t been out in the country. But I did walk into the marsh, as you know, a couple weeks ago, and brushed through some undergrowth to take pictures. I never knew I had a tick bite (it’s impossible to see your own collarbone, which is where the rash is), but since all the grass was underwater, I bet the ticks were in the shrubs. There certainly was some sort of bite there.  Now if my husband hadn’t been working every night around then, maybe he would have seen the presumed tick; or if I were more vain/took more time with my appearance (by the time I look in the mirror, I have clothes on, and I’m not looking at my collarbone!). But I don’t dare say that, because if I weren’t taking blog pictures, I probably wouldn’t have gotten a tick bite…. Or it’s possible that when the girls came home from camping, that as I did their laundry, I was exposed. They certainly were camping in tick central earlier this spring.

Anyway, I should be fine. Thanks for being concerned!

Some overdue knitting progress shots:

The current state of Forest Canopy:

with clear proof that I’m less than half done (hard to tell on a triangle shawl) as I have now resolved to knit up the two skeins of STR yarn that I have, and the one I’m working from is on the top in the top picture, the skein I just wound into a yarn cake on the bottom. But I’ve started taking it around with me, so progress is happening.

And meeting sock rebooted (ar, ar)

I tried so hard to make myself do plain stockinette again, but ended up doing a barred rib. I think it will look cool, show the lovely dyeing, and still be easy to do while walking. Maybe not at a meeting, but I don’t have one of those for a while.

Off to the “M” thing tonight with my husband–

You’ll hear more later!

6 responses to “I’m Not Dead Yet

  1. Glad they caught the Lyme disease early enough so that you can feel better fast! Love the shawl – gorgeous!

  2. Yeah, WI is Lyme country. Maybe we have that on our license plates.

    FC is lookin’ good!

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. I had Lyme Disease way back when, but I’m fine now, and you’ll be fine too in time. The shawl is looking lovely!

  4. So sorry that you have to deal with the whole Lymes Disease! Your knitting is beautiful!

  5. Ick, ticks. Actually those ticks that carry Lyme aren’t very big, so it’s easy to miss them. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    I like your Forest Canopy! I never thought about doing one in sock yarn, that’s a great idea.

  6. Welcome to the Lyme club. Glad yours was caught early, just take your drugs (without dairy) and you should be just fine. And stay out of the sun – trust me! 🙂

    That sock is sure looking nice so far 🙂

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