Present? Present! and a Prize

I promised to show you the stealth knitting I had just finished (and I want to, because it’s cool!) ; )

Here is a small birthday token for Meg of Twisted Fiber Art for her birthday earlier this week, made from a sample of her gorgeous yarn (colorway Ankh, in the Playful yarn base) and some beads I already had on hand (because bead buying can be practically as addictive as yarn buying, and significantly less expensive!).

and here it is sparkling in the sun, right before I mailed it off (yep, that’s me briefly wearing it before it went to Meg).

The pattern is the Scallop-Edge Beaded Necklace by Carol Metzger, from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. Easier than it looks, and so pretty!

Other recent knitted presents: I also knit dishcloths for the men in my life, my father and my husband, for Father’s Day. My husband got this one, here being checked out by Citrus the cat, who does not do dishes are far as I know:

but the effort of vetting the dishcloth was exhausting, however.

I should probably have given the black and white one to my father, perhaps, though, who really appreciates the cushiness of the classic Ballband dishcloth since he already has one. (He got a plain dishcloth — in addition to some other treats, no fear.) I have another Ballband dishcloth on the needles, the next one will be for him.

In other news of the realm, bluegills fear the Gothlet, who came back last night from a citywide kid’s fishing derby with a 3rd place trophy for her age group.

(Fake tattoo, don’t worry. But impressive trophy, n’est-ce pas?)

The cat was, once again . . . unimpressed.

7 responses to “Present? Present! and a Prize

  1. πŸ™‚

    Love the necklace.

    Have a great day, Cathy!

  2. martha in mobile

    I’m such a mom! My eyes scanned over the great trophy, the cool hat, the cute pose, the lovely smile and went straight for the tattoo like a heat-seeking missile. And I thought, “Nah! Yes? NOO!” and then I laughed when it was the first thing you addressed.

    Whew! Any way, great trophy! And pretty necklace!

  3. The cat, I think, would have been more impressed had the bluegill ended up as dinner for said cat.

  4. That’s a seriously lovely necklace. I’m tempted to get that book now just for that pattern alone. I’ve been wanting to make myself necklaces like that for ages but haven’t bothered to sit and try to figure it out for myself.

    Congrats to the Gothlet!

  5. I really like that necklace! Beads are a great little indulgence, aren’t they!

    Way to fish, Gothlet!

  6. Awesome necklace.

    DD is adorable!

    I would worry if the cat was impressed. He’s doing a good job of being a cat.

  7. Send that Gothlet my way. Our lake is overpopulated with undersized sunnies. They need some serious population control.

    She is adorable. But you knew that πŸ™‚

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