The mitts — and I — are outta here!

Here are the finished Art Teacher mitts, as modeled by the Gothlet!

Too big for her, of course, but I wanted her to be able to show them off. The mitts still don’t have an official name. They’ll be christened by the time I get them up on Ravelry. I do think their recipient will like them very much. She appreciates handmade things greatly, and originality and bright colors as well.

My knitting and a few items of clothing are in the process of being packed, and later this morning, I board my train to knit, on my way to gain continuing education credits. And knit.

I’ll drag my husband’s laptop along; I’m not sure if you’ll hear from me more or less than usual!

5 responses to “The mitts — and I — are outta here!

  1. Such a wonderful, personal and touching gift. Just like the group gift certificate we particpated in giving to the 5th grade techer. Pathetic I know….

  2. The mitts are very cool. That’s a lucky teacher indeed.

  3. Those mitts turned out great. Art Teacher is going to LOVE them!

  4. They really look great… have a wonderful time on your trip!

  5. I like the gloves, we call it handschuhe. It has a nice rainbow design. Good work.

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