A little more from the dyepot

Here are the other two things I dyed this weekend:

(here’s the other side of the orange ball)

These were obviously dyed with Kool-Aid, but dyed with a different technique, deliberately dyed in a ball form. This leads to more dye on the outside of the ball, less on the inside, which will give, particularly for the green and blue yarn, an irregularly graduated effect which I used for my Confetti Socks.

It’s very hard to duplicate (notice the Confetti socks are not an exact match); these skeins will probably become hats; and who knows how the half orange/half speckled orange will look knit up? But they’re both superwash wool and should make FINE hats, and colorful ones at that! Yarn does take forever to dry in ball form; in my blue-black car aka thermal mass, it can dry a bit faster.

Voici the Art Teacher Mitts.

Since the Gothlet created the yarn, she’s in charge of a more creative name for these mitts, but has not yet come through. One’s done (except for weaving in ends, naturally) and the second one is half done (sport weight knit rather loosely goes way quick). If I had bought this yarn, I’m not sure what I’d think about it, but since my daughter made it for a favorite teacher, I personally think it’s very cool!

12 responses to “A little more from the dyepot

  1. That’s a really interesting idea! It’s always hard for me to leave even a little bit of white when dyeing, but your socks look super cute–I might have to try it some time.

  2. I think that green and blue yarn is going to be cool. I’ve tried a similar type of dyeing but haven’t had much success.

  3. All very fun, but I especially love the mitts. They will be a special gift, indeed.

  4. What fun! The mitts look like they are exactly what the gothlet wanted.

  5. Fun dyed yarns and great mitts! You can skein the wet yarn that is still in balls (wrap some plastic on your skeiner if you think you should) and it’ll dry a lot faster.


  6. Love those socks and that method of dyeing.

  7. You are a dyeing genius. Those Confetti socks are great! Makes me want to try dyeing again, especially since it is more-or-less summer.

  8. Way to go! I love the mitts and the Gothlet’s teacher is going to be very impressed with both of you. The yarn is absolutely fabulous!

  9. Those mitts are great! I had no idea the yarn would knit up so beautifully.

  10. The Gothlet is to be commended on the fantastic dye job! Perhaps a “budding artist” is in the making?

  11. I love the yarn the mitts are made from. Great job!

  12. I’m with Sarah-Hope.
    I wasn’t that keen on the yarn before it transformed into mitts but I absolutely love the mitts.

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