Must have been all the good wishes…

(thank you so much to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary, that was so sweet and I really didn’t expect it!) … I had a great day yesterday!

Partly with my husband, celebrating our anniversary; partly (since he does not truly appreciate yarn) in solitary fibery revelry.

The latter because….when I got home from work (and I got home early, wonder of wonders), there were three packages waiting for me on the front porch!


One was the BMFA sock club kit for May; I’ll show that to you in a moment.

One was a (semi-random) act of kindness package from Lisa!

Now, she tells the story here of part of why she sent me a package; we’ve also struck up a blogosphere friendship over the last year, and have a fair amount in common. See my comment on her post as to why the story came to be in the first place, also.

But here’s what came from Maine:

Wow. Just — wow. A great Debbie Bliss book I don’t have; Cara‘s cards, which just this very selfsame week I was looking at once again on Cara’s blog and thinking, I need to buy those beautiful cards one of these days soon; yarn in every shade of purple there is, picked out with some projects in my Ravelry queue in mind (happening to be ones that echo some of our mutual interests, too! The Bathat and the Entomology Mittens are both on my list of things to do down the road).

And the card up at the top is a hand-made card with a photo Lisa’s husband took of a Maine landmark. Very cool.

So that was so special — to have a knitterly care package picked out just for me, for no real reason!

Next, the BMFA Sock Club for May. Wow again. I don’t blog all, or even most, of the yarn/sock club bounty I receive, partly because it would tend to incriminate me. I just smile and pet it. But this was especially cool. I’m 3 for 3 on loving these Sock Club kits so far since joining. The next one will have to be something outrageously neon involving bobbles (sorry to bobble-lovers out there, Sarah-Hope), just to balance the karma wheel, because this is amazing:

I know you can’t see the sock, since I have the Dyer’s Notes on top of the pattern, and I didn’t get a picture of it, but the pattern is by the fascinating Yarnissima, and involves sinuous travelling stitches swirling back and forth across the sock; it’s called “Cleopatra’s Stockings”. (And a bonus Notorious Sock Knitters’ luggage tag! So cool!)

Was that not more than enough for one day? Of course it was! But there was one more package!

My swap package from the International Scarf Exchange 6 had arrived! Rhonda, the knittingirl, lives in the far off country of Texas ; ) and spoiled me something fierce.

Look at these beautifully wrapped packages, all coordinating with pretty ribbon.

The special package had a very special scarf in it. Look at this!

The pattern is “Branching Out“, so I thought the scarf would want to hang out with the pretty spirea!

Here’s a close-up (it’s so lovely, and look at this gorgeous hand-painted yarn!)

The green packages had wonderful things inside:

Can you see? Flowers to plant, gardening gloves to plant them with, chocolate to refresh me after my labors, a pretty Pansy card; even a catnip toy for the cat! And, very awesomely, the extra yarn from making the scarf, which is a super-soft merino hand-dyed by Laughing Rat Studio, colorway “Poppies”. You know, I was just thinking the other day that I don’t have any fingerless mitts with thumbs, because I’ve given away all the ones I’ve made. This will be plenty of yarn to make a pair. For me, me, me! to match my gorgeous scarf!

So at this point in the day, I’m on a yarn, scarf and good feelings high.

And my husband and I then decide to go out to dinner (we had been pretty free and easy about making plans, it’s been such a busy week for both of us). Hooray for having older girls now (10 and 12), so we can make sure they have food and then abandon them for a few hours!

As we left, maybe 45 minutes after the above photos were taken, the air was still and warm, and the sky had become ominous. As we drove off, a few raindrops began to fall. Within two blocks, this was the scene:

(that was with the wipers ON). The rain came up over the curbs as we drove the mile to downtown. It started to hail as we got out of the car.

(here’s the hail as it had built up later coming off a roof; it looked like snow:

and then the first restaurant we went to was taken over by a wedding party! How apropos. So we went to a really swanky restaurant (look at my meal, sesame-encrusted ahi tuna with yin yang rice….)

And the waitress was an aspiring knitter who was telling me about a yarn shop I NEEDED to go to (I’ve heard of it, never been there as it’s out in the middle of not much with odd hours, run by a rather free-spirited woman who has yarn floor to ceiling, apparently; my husband just kept saying, “sounds like our house”!)

Then the sun came out again.

The restaurant is right on the Mississippi.

As we left, a barge tug was going upriver to get a cargo.

What a beautiful end to a wonderful day.

Thanks for all the happy anniversary wishes, again!

5 responses to “Must have been all the good wishes…

  1. Whoa! Look at all that! I am always amazed at how prettily some people manage to wrap up their packages… and what great goodies! Glad you liked the Maine pkg. Rained like crazy here yesterday, forecast for more today, but the sun’s out and I need to go dig in the yard. That sock package makes me want to knit socks, but I just know I am so bad about it. Maybe next year I’ll join one of those sock clubs and that might be an incentive to actually knit some!

  2. What an amazing day! Sometimes life is so good it is scary, if one is the type to believe in karmic balance, yada yada, which is really just another way of expressing the Scandinavian dourness we all grew up with. Anyway. Fabulous packages, great photos (as always!), and the yin yang rice cracked me up.

  3. Gorgous day, gorgous yarn, gorgous couple — happy anniversary!


  4. And here’s the e’s I left out — e — e — e — I really do know how to spell!


  5. That BMFA yarn is beautiful! Figures, when I’m no longer a member.

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