I Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

…or perhaps that should be, Springtime on a Rainy Day!

I finished my spring-y Walking Socks today!

With the help of (in the past week) a choir concert, a piano recital, and, yes, walking to work.

Here they are, naked:

“Sherwood in Springtime” Socks, knit in Twisted Fiber Art yarn: Kabam (bamboo/merino/nylon) yarn base, Sherwood colorway. Size 1 (2.25 mm) needles, my own simple-minded pattern with eyelets and a picot cuff (toe-up, short-row heel). I finished the first one on the ferry back from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock camp (in the snow); it’s somehow fitting to finish this in a thunderstorm; but it’s all spring, I guess!

I know you want to know more about these, though, too. Confess. Don’t you?

When I saw on a Ravelry thread that Skechers made a clear shoe, in a style I already own in leather that fits my hard-to-fit feet — I had to get it, to show off hand-knit socks! Based on the recommendation of one of the Ravelry posters, I ordered these shoes (Skechers Cali Surfer Girl)* from Shoebuy.com, and had a smooth, fast transaction. I ordered 1/2 size bigger than the ones I have, figuring that plastic doesn’t stretch like leather, and also that I usually wear very thin socks, if any, with the ones I already have. These seem to be perfect with my hand-knit socks on!

Happy, happy!

*Here’s the link to where I found them at shoebuy, and here’s the link to them in the Skechers catalog, if anyone’s interested.

15 responses to “I Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

  1. No success finding those clear shoes over at Shoebuy — sigh!

  2. Edited to add links — hope that helps!

  3. Could I please have a hint? I’ve already looked at over 25 pages of Skechers shoes, and haven’t found them yet. What are they called? Thanks.

  4. Never mind, they’re on page 26, down at the bottom. Skechers Cali Surfer Girl, clear.

  5. martha in mobile

    The socks are lovely! I like the shoes–I am a big-time mary jane wearer (skinny, monkey-like feet) and I love the idea of showing off alllllllll those socks!

  6. You are such a fashion diva!! So do I take it you aren’t paying rapt attention at all these recitals and concerts or are you just able to multi-task better than I am?

  7. Well you know I had to immediately dash over to Shoebuy and order those dang shoes, don’t you?

  8. Oh, I pay rapt attention when *my* kid is playing/singing! But I can do stockinette in the dark, so I can pay perhaps-just-slightly-less-than-rapt attention while knitting the foot of a sock, anyway (turning the heel is a different matter; I turned the heel of the first sock while waiting in line for the Yarn Harlot’s book signing, but that requires some attention, so I’m selective about where the sock goes when I’m at that point. An argument in favor of project polygamy — I always need a small, mindless project!).

  9. Very cute socks. I still can’t get over that you can walk and knit at the same time, much less walk and knit on 1s and do yarnovers and picot at the same time. Scaring me!! I have trouble walking and walking at the same time.

    I was knitting on my sock at the 5th grade plays the other night, and my husband sternly told me to put it away at curtain time. :p

  10. Lovely socks! If the situation where such that I could run out and buy yarn right now, I would go buy some of that yarn. So pretty!

  11. The shoes were very definitely the first thing I noticed! I thought whoa, look at her plastic clear shoes, how cool is that to show off those lovely socks! So I google earthed your address (if you don’t have google earth, it’s a free download and way cool), looks so different than around here. What’s that peatlandish looking area about a mile north of you? And all those very cool looking hills to the east… is that the driftless region??

  12. Those shoes are the bomb. So much better than showing off hand-knit socks wearing Birkenstocks. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Birks, but come on…you know these are cuter). Plus, you can see the whole sock. Awesome.

  13. I love the socks! Nicely done! THe shoes are great too…

  14. Nice short rows too. Sigh. I am envious!

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