Sweet Violet Eye Candy Friday

Sing along with Eye Candy Friday!

Sweet Violets

Sweeter than all the roses….

4 responses to “Sweet Violet Eye Candy Friday

  1. Isn’t it funny how something we haven’t thought of in decades comes back so quickly when someone else mentions it? Especially when it is a song…

  2. I grew up hearing my mother and grandmother sing that song together on car trips! I wouldn’t have expected anyone else to know it, somehow. What a happy burst of nostalgia…

  3. I like your photography. As a new blogger, I’m still figuring things out and one thing I’ve figured out is I don’t know squat about taking good pictures. Since it can’t talk back, I’m blaming it on my camera. Hmmm, my birthday’s in August….

  4. So all I see in bloglines is the post title, and in my head I’m singing that song! I took a bunch of pics around the yard yesterday, and even the distance shots that usually come out ok were fuzzy. I’m ranting and raving, but dh says no I don’t need a new camera, the pics are fine. Until he came closer to the screen and said ‘oh, they ARE fuzzy’. What kind of camera do you have?

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